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[Newsletter] Lockdown 3.0 – January at Sophia High

Sophia High School - January Newsletter
Dear parents and friends,

A warm welcome to you all, as we get set to begin our second week of the Spring Term at Sophia High School.   

With the unprecedented year that was 2020 now behind us, and the promise of new beginnings and new opportunities shaping 2021, our global learning community continues to go from strength to strength - as we expand and welcome new staff, students and families to our primary and secondary phases, and continue to develop our inspiring curriculum and opportunities for all our students.

Indeed, we feel very fortunate that our online school has remained unaffected and all our lessons are running smoothly, despite further lockdown measures taking place both in the UK and abroad.

Sophia High School was built with the vision of establishing an online school that delivers the best of a British private education in a modern, digitalised world. Our founding team share over 48 years of Independent School Headship, leadership and teaching experience.  

Our online learning environment promotes both confidence and convenience, without compromising on the  safety or the quality of education; to deliver an unrivalled online learning experience. 

We invite you to read this newsletter update to find out more about our approach, and to experience for yourself why Sophia High School is reimagining education.  
 Looking back 
Students who joined us for our Autumn Term programme were introduced to the wonderful world of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) through our exciting partnership with Fieldwork Education.    

Sophia High School is the first online school in the UK and worldwide to offer both the IPC and IMYC programmes in a full-time online learning environment. Our Partnership enables us to deliver the broad and balanced UK National Curriculum while, at the same time, balancing academic achievement, character development and the nurturing of a global perspective in our students.

We are so proud of the amazing work all of our students produced last term during our 'Chocolate' unit in the Primary school, and the exploration of the concept of 'Identity' in the Senior school.   The key to locking a lifelong enjoyment of learning for students, is through a curriculum which inspires, motivates and makes connections across the curriculum. 

The best advocates for our inspirational curriculum is our student's themselves and the wonderful work that they have produced, which we are extremely proud of! 
 Looking forward 
Our youngest students have already been blown away by their introduction to our 'Active Planet' unit - looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes, and our seniors have begun to question the big idea that surrounds the concept of Truth through our 'Interpretation' unit.  
We are looking forward to seeing our student projects over the term come to life, as our students explore these concepts through the lens of our broad subjects on offer beyond English and Maths; including Geography, History, Science, Art, Technology, Computers, Society and International Studies, Music and French.

In addition, we are delighted to begin our co-curricular offerings, through the introduction of an exciting workshop series focusing on the Creative Arts and STEAM subjects.    

Throughout the term, students will have the opportunity to explore wider co-curricular opportunities, as part of our broad and balanced curriculum. 
During the week of Monday 25th January, we are thrilled to be offering students a Performing and Dramatic Arts workshop, led by West End London Musical Star Maria Coyne.    
Trained at the world-renowned Italia Conte, Maria has played some of the biggest roles on the West End Stage - including Gilinda in Wicked, Christine in Phantom of the Opera, Anna in The King and I and Kathy Seldon in Singing in the Rain, but to name a few.
Maria's workshop will introduce the children to the core concepts of the dramatic arts, as an important part of the English curriculum - as we develop confidence, performance and public speaking skills in our students. 
Maria will also be offering her popular online Performing Arts Camp, both to Sophia High and external students, during the half-term break Monday 15th - 19th February. For more information, and to register for this camp, please email
 Lockdown 3.0 - Return to Home Learning 
Working, parenting and teaching are three different jobs that are incredibly difficult to be done at the same time. As parents, we find it very difficult to balance these new responsibilities, not because we are doing it wrong, but more often - because it's too much.
Last week, Chris Stokel-Walker from The Times, wrote an excellent piece for parents, which we highly recommend.
> Read it here
As a full-time online school offering the UK National Curriculum for students from Year 1 through to Year 9, every aspect of our educational provision, DNA and core values have been designed with ensuring that the best student outcomes are achieved for children when learning online.  

If you have questions about online learning, or how best to support your children, please do reach out to us - and remember to follow us on social media.
To support parents during lockdown, we have selected a number of free homeschool resources and websites that we recommend. This can support establishing an effective homeschooling routine at home.

Find them here

After a wonderful pre-Covid launch last February, and a brilliant response from parents who attended, we are bringing back our EdTalks sessions in a virtual format for 2021.

This will be a virtual Q&A session with our Education Team, who share over 48 years of educational leadership experience.   EdTalks are your opportunity to hear from our experts on key educational topics, including exploring more about online schooling, and also to ask any questions you may have.

To submit your questions, head over to our Instagram page and send us a direct message

You can also email us at


To see some of the questions we have been receiving recently, as well as our answers, head over to 

Thank you all for being a part of our global learning community,
Best wishes for 2021,

 The Sophia High Team
If you are considering online schooling for your children, we are accepting applications for our February 2021 intake, and looking forward to September 2021

We are proud to be the leading UK online education provider for students from Year 1 - 9. Please visit our Admissions page for more details and to access our enquiry form, should you wish to register.  

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our online educational provision at Sophia High, in order to explore if Sophia High School is right for your child, we invite you to schedule a call with our Education Team by clicking the link below:  
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