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February Newsletter Sophia High School

Dear parents and friends,

A warm welcome to you all, as we begin to look forward to the second half of the academic year.  It is amazing how quickly time flies by!  

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents and students for choosing our online school.  It was a big step; however, I hope that you have been delighted with our service. Looking back at all the emails of contented and happy parents we have received, I believe that you have made the right choice. More importantly, all the children are happy and progressing in their studies well. I often look back at the recorded lessons, and all I see is joy and excitement. The fact that the class sizes are so small, also means that each individual child gets a lot of attention during these lessons. 

As the school continues to grow, we are always adding quality teachers when needed. I would like to acknowledge all the hard work all of our teachers are doing: Ms. Mary, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Laura, Mr. Julien, Ms. Holly and Ms. Roshan. All of them are outstanding teachers, who care passionately about the education of your children and their well-being. We are also delighted to welcome Ms. Rose to our Primary teaching team. Ms. Rose is a highly experienced primary-trained teacher, with a specialism in Science.   


Looking at all the chaos around the world caused by Covid-19, it is reassuring that your children are attending school every day, and getting a quality education. We now invite you to read this newsletter update, to find out more about our approach, and to experience for yourself why Sophia High School is ‘reimagining education’.


 David McCarthy
Director of Education 

 Looking back 
This term we have introduced our 'Beyond the Curriculum' focus aimed at developing the creative & expressive arts and sciences.  This provides our students with opportunities to develop these essential skills, through enriching experiences with our team of experts.
Over the February Half Term, Sophia High Students took part in camps including Scratch Coding, Performance Arts, Creating Comics and Astronomy, to entertain, inspire and inform the students.
We are hoping to offer more of our popular SophiaX courses over the Easter Spring holidays, including: Python Coding, Harry Potter, Debating and Philosophy, Creative Writing and Be a YouTuber. These courses have been proved to be very popular throughout the world, and are a great way of extending your children’s education. 

Click on the link below to register your interest in upcoming camps: 
Register for Easter Holiday Camps
Looking back over the last half term of learning in the IPC, one of the highlights this term included our Active Planet Unit; during which our students got to build a volcano, plan a village and, then using their new found knowledge of chemical reactions, use common household items to trigger a volcanic eruption and watch the destruction come to life in real time!
The looks on their faces was absolutely priceless!   We are so proud of the work our students are producing, and their excitement and enthusiasm for learning they bring to our online lessons everyday.
 Looking forward 
The education team never sits on its laurels, and is always thinking of ways of improving the school. 
After our hugely successful Performance Arts workshops (with west-end star Maria Coyne), we will be continuing with our ‘Beyond the Curriculum’ programme after half term. 
For Science Week (March 8th-March 12th), we have invited Ms.Rose to our school.  During this time, she will be completing a number of science experiments in the junior school during Science Week.
 In Other News 
At Sophia High, we aim to inspire our students to become creative thinkers, so that they can succeed in the future.
An article, from the Arts Council England and Durham University, shows how the role of creativity in and out of the classroom is getting increasingly recognised.
 > Read it here
Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, wrote an interesting piece with SchoolsWeek on the importance of innovation in education through EdTech.
> Read it here

Thank you all for being a part of our global learning community. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Best wishes,

 Melissa McBride
Chief Education Officer

We are proud to be the leading UK online education provider for students from Year 1 - 9. If you are considering online schooling for your children, we are accepting applications for April 2021, and looking forward to our September 2021 intake.

Spaces are limited, please visit our Admissions page for more details and to access our application form.  

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our online educational provision at Sophia High, in order to explore if Sophia High School is right for your child, we invite you to schedule a call with our Education Team by clicking the link below:  
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