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Sophia High School is the only British online school offering full-time provision for primary and secondary school (Year 1 to Year 9).

sophia high school full time online school

Enrolment Now Open for February 2021

Limited Spaces Remaining

Sophia High School is a full time, online, co-educational private school for UK and international students offering the British Curriculum from age 5 to 15.

Join our online global community and learn alongside students from the UK, Europe, Russia and Middle East including Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

sophia high school full time online school

Faced with an unregulated industry, Sophia High School was founded by passionate educators.

From the minds of an educational leadership team with over 48 years of Independent School teaching and leadership experience, Sophia High School emerges as the future of online education.

Our online classes promote confidence and convenience without compromising on safety or quality of education.

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What Our Students Say About Us

D - Year 7

“I love that I get to meet different people every day”

D - Year 5

“I like that I have a very kind teacher and she’s also very good at doing art so she helps us with lots of things and she helps us to do our writing and she’s very kind”

M - Year 4

“I like my teacher because she does nice things to us and yesterday she let us paint”

D - Year 1

“My teacher helps us with our maths”

Z - Year 2

“I like that everyone is kind to one another and I like that our teachers make everything so fun for us”

I - Year 8

“I have a very nice teacher and I have very nice classmates”

A - Year 5

“I really like how Miss Laura always makes us create with the painting and also she reads this really good books called the Creakers”

A - Year 2

“Mr Julien is my second favourite behind Mario”

S - Year 3

“I’ve enjoyed everything”


High Quality Learning

Through the use of the renowned International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) we prepare students with the key knowledge and skills they need to excel in their future endeavors. Sophia High School is also registered with UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).


Individual Attention

Our small class sizes and the emphasis we place on strong relationships with parents and students enable us to deliver a personalised approach to learning for every child. Using differentiated learning tasks powered by our online learning environment and weekly parent meetings, our approach enables us to track the progress of each student and ensure they reach their aspirational learning targets.


Educational Leadership

Our qualified, experienced team are experts in teaching children across the key stages from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 and we are the only UK online education provider to offer exceptional online KS1 provision from children from age 5 - 8 (Year 1 - 3). The Leadership Team at Sophia High School are Educational Leaders in the field with over 48 years of experience in the UK and abroad.



The safety and welfare of our students, especially when learning in an online environment, is paramount to all we do. We uphold the highest standards of Safer Recruitment in Education for the appointment of each member of staff and provide teachers with annual safeguarding training and support in working with students online.

Based on these pillars, we aim to be the best online school for your kids.

Blog Posts

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One of the most frequent questions that our education team is asked by parents considering Sophia High School and online education for their children, is what are the differences between traditional brick-and-mortar schools and online schools? Followed closely by; is online schooling right for my child?

Despites its challenges and concerns, more and more parents are turning to an online education to educate their children.

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Our Partners

From EdTech to Digital Learning, Curriculum and Assessment; Sophia High School is delighted to have partnered with some of the best educational resource providers in the industry.