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Academic Success

Sophia High School Approach

At Sophia High School, we are immensely proud of the academic achievements, results and progress that our students make when joining our British Curriculum Online School. 

Our enabling environment and excellent teacher – student relationships mean that Sophia High students have a very positive start to school life. Children are assessed on entry and their progress is closely monitored through both formal and informal methods, enabling individualised approaches put in place in order to support or challenge children in their learning. Read our students’ testimonials.


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- Academic Success -

Standardised Assessments

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Key stage 1

Sophia High students in KS1 scored higher than 90.9% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA standardised assessments.

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Key stage 2

Sophia High students in KS2 scored higher than 77.4% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA standardised assessments.

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Key stage 3

Sophia High students in KS3 scored higher than 76.0% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA standardised assessments.

Sophia High School Curriculum IPC IMYC

Our holistic approach to the curriculum using the IPC and IMYC, ensures that all subject areas are valued.  Practical experience is a focus, and questioning relates well to the ‘real world’ so that advanced concepts can be made more accessible to young learners.


Our use of PIRA (Progress in Reading and Language Assessment), PUMA (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment), and GAPS (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Assessment- only taken in Yr 1-6) as standardised tests enable our school to accurately measure and predict students’ progress in reading, maths, grammar, punctuation & spelling, and compare their performance against national averages.

These tests help our team monitor progress as students develop the skills needed eventually for GCSE and establish a route map for the continued academic success of all students at Sophia High School.

Nationally standardised tests provide information on how our students are performing over time, and in comparison to students nationally. They help our teachers understand national expectations and assess their students’ performance in the broader national context enabling our team to check they are on track to meet expectations. 

Our Assessment data and student profiles from the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year show a high level of attainment in English and Mathematics and many of our parents comment on how swiftly our teachers are able to get to know their children and start moving them forward.

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Results: Test scores are standardised to an average score of 100, making it easy to see whether a student is above or below the mean, relative to the national standardisation sample. This is derived from the student’s raw score and placed on a scale that makes a comparison with the nationally representative sample of students.