Sophia High School

Assessment and Reporting

At Sophia High School, we monitor every child’s progress closely through a planned programme of assessment, performance analysis and target setting, using a variety of formal and informal assessment methods.


Our formal assessments measure children’s progress against the cohort and across a standardised cohort at national and global level within the UK National Curriculum objectives.

These formal assessments include:

Baseline assessments at entry

Termly standardised tests in reading, math, grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Other teacher-based assessments across the curriculum

Regular Assessments and Transparent Reporting


Carrying out regular assessments enables us to measure your child’s progress towards their expected outcomes, and ensure aspirational targets are set and interventions are put in place if required.

  • We ensure that progress is steady and achievement matches potential.
  • We monitor every child as an individual through a bespoke performance tracking vehicle which enables us to track every child, ensuring they are meeting their potential and working as effectively as they can.

We believe in transparent reporting to parents and share the results of our standardised tests and a termly snapshot of your child's progress at each assessment point during the year, across the objectives of the UK National Curriculum. The information collated assists us in keeping parents and pupils informed and to monitor the effectiveness of our own teaching.

  • Each week, our teachers meet with parents to discuss individual student work and progress throughout the week as we greatly value the important role that parents play in our blended learning approach to the curriculum.
  • Students are fully engaged in their learning and work with the teachers in devising relevant targets to assist them in making the very best progress.