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The Top 10 Benefits of Online Schools That Should Help You Decide if This is Right for Your Child

The Top 10 Benefits of Choosing an Online School

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to send your child to an online school, this list of the Top 10 benefits of choosing an online school may help you make up your mind if online learning is right for your child. 

1. A Flexible Schedule for Busy Parents and Students

Online schools offer a flexible schedule for busy parents and students who have passions and interests which don’t fit into the traditional school model

With an online school, your child can learn at their own pace and in their own way. Our Digital Learning environment provides 24/7 access to curriculum materials and learning resources.

2. Anywhere School: A New Way to Get an Online Education

An online school eliminates the need for travelling to and from a physical location. With our anywhere school model our students don’t go to school, school comes to them.


3. A British School That Makes Learning Your Own

At Sophia our curriculum is tailored to the student’s needs and abilities. Students can often work at their own pace, which allows them to learn in a way that best suits them.

4. Smaller Student-Teacher Ratios: Small Online Classes Allow for More 1-on-1 Attention

At Sophia High our student-teacher ratio is much smaller than in traditional schools- or any other online school for that matter! Since our online school has smaller class sizes than anywhere else, your child will get more personal attention and make more progress.

5. British Online School Curriculum with Quality Assurance

We offer the full U.K. national Curriculum and are a Curriculum partner with the globally recognised IPC and IMYC. Sophia High is a Council of International School Member School and we have been quality assured during our recent evaluation inspection.

6. High Quality, Affordable British Education for Your Children

Sophia High School offers an exceptional British School experience online, at a fraction of the price of a British Independent School. We offer a flexible payment schedule, sibling discounts and 30 day notice period

7. Collaborative, Independent Online Learning Environment

Our online learning environment provides an opportunity for students to learn how to work independently and collaborate with others outside of their own classroom setting

8. Online Schools Offer Greater Achievement for Students

Students who enrol in an online school typically perform better on standardised tests than those who attend traditional schools due to more individualised attention from teachers as well as the ability to replay lessons until they understand them fully.

9. The British school where parents and teachers work together

Parents can monitor their child’s progress through regular parent-teacher conferences and 24/7 access to our Google for Education Classroom environment. At Sophia, our teachers meet with our parents weekly and have access to all lesson resources and teaching content.

10. Your Children Can Keep Up With School From Anywhere In The World

Your child will be able to keep up with what is happening in his or her class from anywhere in the world. If our students travel during term time, they take Sophia with them. We are also not impacted by covid disruptions, adverse weather or school closures.

Sophia High School – A leading British Online School

Online schools are a great way for parents to keep their kids engaged in learning, even if they’re not at home. There are many benefits to choosing an online school over a traditional learning environment.  We know that it can be hard to juggle work and family life sometimes, which is why we offer an online education program, with classroom resources available 25/7, and with flexible admission intake dates.

If you want your child on the path of success, start by enrolling them in a Sophia High online school today!

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Benefits of Choosing an Online School