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Meet Sophia High School's Board of Directors

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Meet Sophia's Board of Directors

Melissa McBride, David McCarthy, and Vanessa Temple are inspirational school leaders who have supported thousands of students and their families with their educational journeys in leading independent schools in the UK and International British curriculum schools in the Middle East and Asia.

Melissa Sophia High Co-founder and CEO

Melissa McBride

Founder / CEO Sophia
Chair of Sophia High School

As Co Founder and CEO of Sophia Technologies, Melissa is responsible for the vision, growth and strategic leadership and partnerships at Sophia. Following 16 years of teaching and leadership experience as A former Headteacher, Education Director and project advisor to the Group CEO of A major global Schools Group, Melissa brings a wealth of educational expertise to the team.

Founding three outstanding schools in three countries, U.K., Dubai and Qatar, Melissa brings both entrepreneurial drive and a progressive vision as she supports the Leadership team with their vision for the future of education at Sophia High School.

A mom of four, Melissa is passionate about creating high quality learning opportunities for children and inspiring the next generation of students as they grow from the learners of today to the leaders of tomorrow

board of directors

Dan Turner


As a Board Director and school owner, Dan is passionate about ensuring Sophia High School delivers the highest standards of education for all of our students and families around the globe.   

Dan brings his wealth of experience as a Hedge Fund Manager for a US based fund in London  and 20 years of finance and investment experience in the sector, to ensure that Sophia High School meets all of its strategic priorities and works with the Chair of the Board to provide support and guidance to Senior Leaders.  

Dan and Melissa share four children together and are significant investors into Sophia High School, thus are passionate about ensuring that all students and families have an incredible learning journey during their time at our leading British Online School. 

If you would like to contact our board of directors, please either write to:

31 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea, London, SW3 3BS

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Please use the subject: For the Attention of the Board of Directors