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Bringing Maths and Science To Life At Sophia High

The PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) indicates that British students are doing particularly well in mathematics, science, and reading in comparison to students from other countries. In 2018, British students received scores of 504, 502, and 505 respectively in reading, mathematics, and science. They outperformed students in countries like the United States, Australia, and Portugal.  Of particular importance to students in primary online school programs is mathematics and science, which can help students in university and their careers. Let’s take a look at how a robust mathematics and science education in primary school helps students succeed at future stages of their life.

Mathematics and Science at Sophia High School 

Mathematics is a learning area that’s relevant and important to all walks of life. Students will: use it every day; need it in science; use it when they engage with technology.  It will even help them with their finances and jobs when they are older. Sophia’s mathematics curriculum helps provide a solid foundation for engaging with, and understanding, the world. In the Early Years at Sophia High School, students will learn important concepts, such as:

  • Basic mathematics operations (like addition and subtraction).
  • Fractions and proportions.
  • Number and place values (being able to count by number groups, such as fives and tens).
  • How to apply numbers in a meaningful way to applicable life situations (such as measurements). 

By the end of their time at Sophia, students will have a firm grasp of concepts  such as percentages and being able to comprehend line graphs and pie charts.

In science courses at Sophia High School, students learn different concepts from the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. Science will help students better explain things that happen in the world around them. During the first years of their science experience at Sophia, students will learn concepts such as the names of animals, parts of the body, know about plants in the world, and even do investigations into the world around them. One of the more exciting experiments at Sophia that young students can do involves making a volcano at home. Other experiments involve studying how water refracts light and shapes. 

By the end of their primary school experience, students will understand how forces like gravity work in the world, recognize the changing environments, and have done investigations into the anatomy of the human body. 

How Mathematics and Science Help Develop Students Into Global Citizens and Thought Leaders

An online education that is rich in mathematics, science, reading, and other curricular subjects can help students aspire to the career path that they dream of in the future. Office Depot recently conducted a study, which showed that students who excelled in mathematics, sciences and other subjects in their primary school experience were likely to go on to get advanced degrees, make more money each year, and experience more satisfaction with their life. 

The high standard of teaching is one of the key reasons why students at Sophia High School excel in different subjects.. Access to high quality instruction and interaction with peers helps students maximize their achievements in mathematics and science. 

Small class sizes at Sophia High School also help students receive outstanding instruction in math and science. At Sophia, each class has a total of six students. The research indicates that smaller class sizes allow children more academic success during their primary school experience and, moreover, these students go on to achieve success at university when they go for a degree. 

The Sophia Difference With Online Primary School 

Students will have the potential for limitless achievement in their math and science courses. Moreover, they will develop confidence that will let them succeed in their adult life after their primary school experience at Sophia High School. Additionally, students leave with the necessary math and science skills to communicate effectively, collaborate, and be global citizens.