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Sophia High School offers an exceptional British Education for families considering Online Home School, Online Learning, Homeschooling Online, Remote Learning, Distance Learning and Home Education for their children.  We are leaders in Online EYFS Provision for children age 3-5 and We offer an Online Primary School / Online Elementary School for children from age 4 to 11 and Online Secondary School / Online High School for children from age 11 to 14.  This provides the best online homeschool and online education program for families looking for a full time British Education for their children in an online learning, home school environment.

Sophia High School K12 Online School Curriculum

What makes our Leading Online School different:

A British Online Education | Online Learning For Kids

 Qualified and Experienced Online British Trained Teachers with QTS

 Small Online Class Sizes (6:1 / 10:1)

 Daily interactive online learning covering the full U.K. National Curriculum.

 Only British Online Home School to offer online educational provision from FS1 to Year 9.

 New Online Early Years program. Join our Online PreSchool For Foundation Stage Children

 1 in 4 Schools to work with the UK DFE towards accreditation as part of OEAS pilot program.

School Accreditation

Online Learning Trusted
by Home School families across

5 continents in 28+ countries

Education strengths identified in our membership evaluation report for our British Online Education and home school model of online learning include:

Commitment to safeguarding & wellbeing

Our school’s commitment to digital safety, child safeguarding, and overall student well-being as an exceptional model of online education.

Competent & Well-Trained Teachers

Our competent and qualified teaching staff all hold over five years of experience in British Schools and are skilled in online learning and online education.

Highly Effective Use of Technology

The highly effective provision of technology resources to support the school’s special vision of online education and learning.

Senior Leadership Team - Online Learning Home School

Our Online Education Team

The leadership team at our British Online School share over 75 years of headship and teaching experience within British Education at outstanding UK independent and overseas international schools.

Fully Qualified UK Teachers

At Sophia High, all our teachers are handpicked by our educational leadership team because they are qualified, experienced experts in the British Online Education sector, who all share a passion for online learning and teaching in a digital world. 

Our Approach Learning Online Home School

Our Approach to Online Learning

Firstly, we offer an exceptional British Education, following the UK National Curriculum for England, for students from age 3 – 14.  As a result, we are the only UK based online school which offers full time online learning for students from as young as FS1 – Year 9.

Google for Online Education

Moreover, as a Google for Education ‘Anywhere School’ we offer both the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculums as part of our Online Education model of delivery. In addition, our interactive online learning is delivered in real-time, in small groups of no more than 6 students, for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, using the Google for Education.

Home School Online Admissions

Admissions at our Online School

Admissions at our British Online School is open in Early Years to Year 9 for our last remaining intake for the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year

6th June 2022

Admissions is open for the 2022 – 2023 Academic Year

Meet our Education Team

Sophia High Invites you to join our
Open House Event where you can meet our Educational Leadership Team and learn more about our approach to a British Education in an Online School & Home School environment.

What does online learning at Sophia High include?

Online Early Years Program | Half Termly Fees from £1330
Online Primary School | Half Termly Fees from £1330
Online Secondary School | Online High School | Half Termly Fees from £1500 Sophia High School fees are inclusive of following core educational features for parents and students:

Daily Live Online Learning
Marked Daily Work with Feedback
Termly Standardised Assessments
Full U.K. National Curriculum Coverage
Weekly 1:1 Teacher Meeting
Progress Report Cards
Small Class Size (6:1 / 10:1)
Teacher Feedback & Support
Student led Online Classes & Clubs
Google for Education Online Learning
Beyond the Curriculum Program
Qualified Online British Teachers
Independent Home School Projects
Mindfulness & Wellbeing For Kids
CIS Member School

Education Reimagined

Our Online School Home School Program, for children from age 3 to 14, promises



 High Quality Online Learning.

online home school education

Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team
Melissa McBride Chief Education Officer
sophia high director of education online home school
David McCarthy Director of Education
sophia high assistant headteacher online home school
Jennifer Callaway Assistant Head Curriculum & Digital Learning

If you are considering full time online learning or home school for your child, are exploring the potential for a British Education Online, Online School and Home School options, and are interested in finding out what makes Sophia High School a leader in British education, we recommend scheduling a call with our Admissions Team.

Online School Open House Sessions

In addition, we welcome you to secure your space at our oversubscribed Educational Leadership Team Open House sessions which are held in small groups with prospective parents every Friday at 2pm UK Time.

Most importantly for parents, our Senior Leadership Team of Melissa McBride, David McCarthy and Vanessa Temple share over 75 years of Headship And Teaching experience within the British Education sector in outstanding UK independent and British international schools overseas. To find out more about David and Melissa please visit our Education Team Page.

Introductory 1-1 Virtual School Meetings with our Online Education Experts

In addition, our introductory virtual meetings offer parents the opportunity for us to find out more about your child(ren), to ask our team questions and to find out more about our global school community and approach to online education.

Therefore, to arrange a call back from our Admissions Team, Book a virtual meeting (video call) at a time and date of your choice with our School Education Team to learn more about Sophia High School. Simply select your preferred appointment time by clicking a date on the calendar.

We look forward to speaking with you.

David & Melissa

Academic Success

At a Leading British Online School

Standardised Assessments

KS1 Results Online Home School

Key Stage 1

Sophia High students in KS1 scored higher than 90.9% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA and GAPS standardised assessments.

KS2 Results Online Home School

Key Stage 2

Sophia High students in KS2 scored higher than 77.4% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA and GAPS standardised assessments.

KS3 Results Online Home School

Key Stage 3

Sophia High students in KS3 scored higher than 76.0% of all U.K. students who took the PUMA/PIRA standardised assessments.

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