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DfE Online Education Accreditation

Accreditation for Online Education Providers | Department for Education

During a period which has experienced unprecedented growth in the rise of online education providers and numbers of families seeking homeschooling options, we believe regulation and inspections for online schools are more important than ever.

We are delighted to share that at the end of June, we were invited by the U.K. Department for Education, as one of only 4 online schools, to take part in a pilot accreditation inspection alongside the quality advisory board for the programme OFSTED.

CIS Online School Accreditation

Online School Accreditation Update: Council of International Schools

Sophia High School is delighted to announce that we have had our application approved the globally recognised Council of International Schools, and we are currently undertaking our membership evaluation process.
Schools around the world join CIS for guidance, support and access to like-minded peers, as they develop challenging international programmes for their students.

10 Things to look for when searching for an Online School

10 Things to look for when searching for an Online School

Not all online schools are created equal. Which is why it is important to know which questions to ask when searching for an online school.
Here are some key things parents should consider when choosing an online school:
1. Experience/Management:
The first thing to look at is the education team/Management. Does it have a history in education? Have the members of the team been teachers themselves? Have they had managerial experience in education, or even better, have been a Headteacher in a previous school? All too often, you will find the people at the top are finance people with no experience in education

Regulating Online Education Providers

Accreditation scheme for online education providers – Regulating all online education providers

It is difficult to know who to trust these days when it comes to educating your children. Are there regional differences in the quality of teaching/tutoring? Is the same amount of money being invested in each part of the country? Are teachers’/tutors’ claims to be qualified individuals, true? To what extent are teachers/tutors in tutoring companies being thoroughly security checked? What level of safeguarding training have they received? How much are certain tutoring companies benefitting from the tax payer’s money? These problems have been further exacerbated by the Government’s National Tutoring Programme.

Safeguarding and the growing concern of the unregulated tutoring and online school industry

Safeguarding and the growing concern of the unregulated tutoring and online school industry

As reported recently in the ITV and BBC news, there is a growing concern in the education industry about how unregulated tutoring/teaching is in the United Kingdom, both with tutoring agencies and online schools. In recent weeks, with the rise of private tuition accelerating during a third lockdown and school closure in the U.K., this hugely important issue regarding a lack of regulation in the sector has been raised again.