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Our Virtual Schooling UK program: Inspiring Digital Natives

Our Virtual Schooling UK program: How do we inspire our students to be digital natives?

Did you know that the children entering Year 1 this year will graduate sometime in the fourth decade of the 21st-century?

As 21st century educators, our job is to prepare students for the future, for their future, and equip them with the skills they will need to be successful as they tackle challenges head-on and to imagine new opportunities.

The future education is no longer about a system designed for digital dinosaurs. The future of education, must prepare students for the world that they will encounter, a world that will be led by digital natives.

At Sophia High School, we teach our students to be Digitally Native learners through our Virtual Schooling UK program. From as young as Year 1, our team work with our students using the Google for Education Tools during our highly engaging interactive live lessons.

With the guidance of our amazing teachers, students across Sophia are learning how to use all of the new student tech tools that we offer during our first week of school.

These tools help to elevate online lessons and boost student engagement and success. In Ms Charlotte’s lower key stage one class, with children from age 4 -6, they used Google Jamboard to discuss animals that live in the rainforests as a launch to their new IPC unit ‘Vanishing Rainforests’. With help from their teacher, students were able to draw animals and type using the interactive pen and text tool to create this beautiful collaborative brainstorming slide.

Well done students and teachers on a wonderful start to our year!

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school high school online student works
school high school online student works
school high school online student works