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Early Years Playdates

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Early Years Playdates
Children age 3-6

Discover our Early Years program at Sophia High School and give your child an experience at our leading British online School.

- Early years playdates.
Children age 3-6. -

Families thinking about online education for their early years children are invited to have children take part in one of our free Early Years Playdates. Our Playdates take place throughout the term and are a wonderful way of discovering more about our leading program for early years children, connecting with teachers and meeting wider children who are considering our program.

Our Sophia online playdates are designed to encourage children to speak online, participate in fun online activities, and develop confidence making friends in our small groups. To book a playdate, please select an option from our open events in the calendar below and our admissions team will be in touch to confirm details.

early years playdate

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