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Education disrupted, again? Why online schooling is the future of education

Education disrupted, again? Why online schooling is the future of education

Could online schooling be the solution to systemic issues caused by traditional schooling systems? 

In light of the tumultuous past 18 months, rising COVID numbers in schools, and the current supply crisis in the UK giving rise to ongoing disruptions, delays and cancellations, the limitations of a school system in which education is bound by the four walls of the physical classroom, are once again highlighted (The Times, 2021).

After more than 18 months of on-and-off school closures, it looks like disruptions won’t be coming to an end any time soon, even as we start to near 2022.

Indeed, with the recent petrol crisis, rising COVID numbers accentuated by vaccine hesitancy among parents of school-age children, and countries like Vietnam and Australia going back into strict lockdowns over the past few weeks, it is more than likely that physically going to school will continue to be a global challenge in the foreseeable future.

The dependence on the physical school building has caused many children to be weeks, months, or even a year behind on their education. Systemic issues pertaining to the rigidity of our education systems have been made apparent by these recent disruptions, highlighting the need for a renewed approach to teaching and learning, especially in a world where flexibility and agility are becoming essential in and out of the workplace (Forbes, 2021).

It is time to switch to an approach to education that is adapted to the 21st century, where children don’t go to school: school comes to them.

Kids shouldn’t go to school: School should come to them.

Remote & distance learning is therefore becoming the most obvious solution, supported by recent innovations in online schooling and homeschooling online platforms, which are allowing for increased flexibility and individual attention.

At Sophia High School, our robust online learning environment offering a digital primary education and online high school provision, allows us to ensure that all of our students are able to receive quality education, uninterrupted.

Our students are able to join our ‘Anywhere School’ without disturbances from all over the world, regardless of how upside-down the outside world might be, at both online primary school uk and online secondary school uk levels.

Our full-time online school offers the British National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 9 (age 4 to 14) following a blended learning approach, and inspires our students to be:

  • Independent learners
  • Leaders
  • Global Citizens
  • Mindful
  • Digital Natives

Sophia Online High School UK is paving the way towards much-needed systemic change in our education models, as one of only four online private schools uk to have been selected by the Department for Education for its Pilot Online Education Accreditation Scheme. Visit our accreditation page to learn more.

This is Education Reimagined.

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