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How Google For Education Transforms Online Learning At Sophia High School

Google For Education allows students to receive a more personalised online learning experience at Sophia High School. Students of any age level can learn practical problem-solving skills that they will apply at all stages of their life. Moreover, Google For Education has features that empower students to learn to their maximum potential, letting teachers focus on their students so that they can do exemplary work. Google for Education helps students who are born as digital natives and allows experienced teachers ways to reach them and set them up for success. 

Fostering Collaboration

Google for Education helps students interact with their instructors and their peers. Whether a student is engaging in essay writing or a science lesson, Sophia High School utilises Google For Education to deliver education where students get truly collaborative interaction with their instructors and classmates. For example:

  • Writing: Students can complete writing assignments in digital notebooks with expectations that are clearly laid out for them. This empowers students to know what their instructors expect, feedback and feed forwarding on student learning and next steps, and to complete self-editing to make sure that they have the most polished writing project possible. 
  • Specialist Classes: While at home, students can participate in online lessons with interaction from their teacher and peers. One example of our specialist classes in Science, is an experiment students do at home with their teacher, involving how an image is refracted when it is seen through a glass of water.
  • Student Presentations: Students can utilise technology like, Jamboard, Google Slides and YouTube to present videos of their research, allowing students to learn from one another. 

Collaboration happens in both the classroom and individual settings, letting students receive maximum interaction with both their teachers and each other. 

Students Get the Opportunity To Become Digital Leaders

Google For Education allows our teachers to pass some of the responsibility for teaching and learning to students. Technology allows our students to create videos, pull their research together into Google Slides, and present this information to their peers. Some of our activities allow students to be the nexus of the teaching process. 

Increased Feedback and Accessibility 

Google For Education allows teachers to provide increased feedback for students because of increased accessibility. For example, real-time comments on a writing assignment let teachers help students with more privacy. Increased feedback on work can help students get better marks. The online school experience combined with Google technology also helps teachers monitor students and direct them to the specific resources that they need. 

Google For Education Allows For Frictionless Learning

There are a lot of benefits to using Google for Education for making learning frictionless. Teachers don’t have to spend so much time on the administrative tasks of pedagogy. Additionally, they are able to track student progress, let students work in groups, and even comment on work in real-time thanks to technology. 

Bringing It All Together With Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a technology that allows students and their instructor to interact remotely and is part of the Sophia High School Experience. When teachers are doing a lesson, they can pull in their images, write and draw shapes that utilise a recognition tool, and erase with a swipe of their finger. Students can also collaborate with a smartphone, tablet, or even their laptop browser. 

Google For Education Is Only Part of the Successful Mix

Sophia High School, a British online school, uses a wide array of techniques and resources to help students become digital natives, leaders, independent individuals, mindful, and global citizens. For example, a student’s day will be divided by live interactive lessons with IPC/IMYC Home Learning, times where students have time to practice and consolidate concepts learned in lessons.

We also try to keep class sizes small. No more than six students are matched with a teacher during an online lesson in the core subjects, so that students receive a truly personalised approach to their unique learning profile. 

Students also get the opportunity to build upon previous lessons. Additionally, weekly assemblies, daily team meetings, and other activities through our camps, such as Minecraft Coding & Game Design, Harry Potter Book Club, Performing Arts, Comics Creation and Astronomy Club, help students foster community as well as their own individual interests founded on the primary knowledge that they receive in their online courses.