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How to make online home school work for your child - and you The times

How to make online home school work for your child — and you

This week, as we move into week 2 of national lockdown and school closures in the UK, parents are once again finding their feet as home educators; whether our normal roles see us as working parents, a stay-at-home parent, or part-time working parent. So, how can you make online home school work for you?

Working, parenting and teaching are three different jobs that are incredibly difficult to be done at the same time. As parents we find it very difficult to balance these new responsibilities, not because we are doing it wrong, but more often because it is too much. Last week, Chris Stokel-Walker from The Times, wrote and excellent piece for parents who are having to deal with home learning, which we highly recommend entitled:
“How to make online home school work for your child — and you”

We are also giving schooling tips to parents on our LinkedIn page, which you can read here.

As a full time online school offering the UK National Curriculum for students from Year 1 through to Year 9, every aspect of our educational provision, DNA and core values have been designed with ensuring that the best student outcomes are achieved for children when learning online.

Sophia High School joins some fantastic colleagues and leaders in the emerging field of EdTech and online educational provision for students both in the UK and around the world.

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