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IGCSE Online Program (Years 10 & 11)

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Online IGCSE at Sophia High School

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As a result of our expansion as a school and in response to parent requests, we are extending our academic offer to include IGCSEs for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

We will be offering five core (compulsory) subjects (English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science (x2 IGCSEs).

In addition, students will be able to select further optional (elective) IGCSE subjects depending on their interests.

Interested in our IGCSE Program?

Experience the Convenience and Flexibility of our Online IGCSEs

Are you looking for a more convenient and flexible way to earn your IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)? At Sophia High School, we’re excited to announce that we are now offering our online IGCSE program to students around the world.

With our online IGCSE program, you can study at your own pace and schedule, from the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about commuting to a physical location or fitting your studies around a busy schedule – our online courses allow you to learn on your own terms.

In addition to convenience and flexibility, our online IGCSE program also offers many other benefits, including:

  • Access to experienced and qualified teachers
  • Interactive course materials and online resources
  • Regular assessments and feedback to help you track your progress
  • Support and guidance throughout your studies

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn your IGCSEs in a way that fits your lifestyle and goals. Enroll in our online IGCSE program today and start your journey towards academic success!”


How IGCSEs work at Sophia High School

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  • Throughout the 2-year IGCSE course, teachers will assess students in line with IGCSE standards and work with students to develop exam technique. Mock exams will be taken under strict exam conditions in Year 10 and prior to the Year 11 examination period to ensure students are familiar with a formal examination experience and can use the feedback to set themselves targets for improvement.
  • Students will sit their exams in a registered Pearson examination centre. Click here to read more

Choosing your Subjects

  • Pupils should make their subject choices with the guidance and support of parents and their teachers. If they have ideas of possible careers/fields of work, University courses or A-levels they want to aim for, these should be discussed and taken into account.
  • When choosing your IGCEs it is a good idea to develop a range of different skills and have a broad variety of subject types.  You should choose a subject you enjoy studying and have a passion for.
  • During Year 10 and 11, students will follow a number of compulsory and optional IGCSE courses. In the Summer Term of Year 11, students will sit their IGCSE examinations at one of the certified centres available globally. We will guide you through this process.


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IGCSE subjects Sophia High

Compulsory IGCSE Subjects


  • Year 10 students will be preparing for the English Language IGCSE, run in conjunction with the English Literature IGCSE. English Language is a qualification accepted by universities world-wide as proof of competence in the language.
  • Students analyse a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, resulting in the ability to write confidently in a variety of styles necessary for today’s world.


  • The requirement for the IGCSE in English Literature is that students are encouraged to become fluent, independent and critical readers of many forms of texts.
  • Students explore the writer’s craft and develop an understanding of the construction of texts, whilst analysing the varied viewpoints and interpretations; concluding with a personal response to all the texts studied.


  • The mathematics course teachers students to develop their range of mathematical skills and develop techniques in order to solve problems in maths.
  • Over the two years of study, students will be expected to discuss their work to find suitable solutions; to present these solutions in a variety of ways; and to work with different groups of people.
  • The course promotes logical thought but will challenge the students to think creatively when confronted with unexpected problems.
  • In addition, the course includes differentiation and set theory that are good grounding for further mathematical study. There is no coursework requirement.

IGCSE SCIENCE (Double Award -Biology/Chemistry/Physics)

  • The IGCSE Science course focuses on student’s enjoyment of the study of living organisms, chemical reactions and physical processes, and encourages them to learn the importance of accurate experimental work in scientific method and reporting.
  • This course provides an excellent foundation for more advanced courses in Science, and for other courses which require students to have a knowledge of the sciences.
  • Students will gain up to a total of 2 IGCSEs with the separate sciences. Each science is taught by an expert in that field.

Elective IGCSE Subjects

Students have a range of electives to choose from to build their academic portfolio. 

    • History
    • Geography
    • A Modern Foreign Language (including Mandarin Chinese)
    • Latin
    • Global Citizenship
    • Computer Science
    • Music
    • Art



  • The IGCSE in History 9-1 qualification is both rewarding and challenging for students. The course will enable students to acquire knowledge and understanding o a selected period; analyse various aspects of international history and explore the significance of historical events, people, issues and changes.
  • In addition, students will be encouraged to use historical sources critically and in context, whilst drawing conclusions and making valid historical judgements.
  • The course provides a solid basis to progress to Advanced Level History or the equivalent qualification.


  • The Geography syllabus enables students to build upon their geographical knowledge and engage in the process of geographic enquiry, and to develop as independent learners who are able to think critically and reflectively.
  • They will develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts in a rapidly changing world. Furthermore, students will develop their spatial awareness at a number of levels, and begin to understand the importance of place.
  • A fundamental aspect of geography is the ability to lead investigations using primary and secondary data, and this will be developed through the use of a range of fieldwork techniques and skills.


  • In following the requirements for the Edexcel International GCSE in MFL, students are encouraged: to develop understanding and use of written forms of the target language, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes.
  • Students develop understanding and use of the spoken forms of the target language, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes.
  • They develop the ability to communicate effectively in the target language through the written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures and develop the ability to communicate effectively in a MFL through speaking, using a range of vocabulary and structures.


  • The aim is to develop an ability to use the language effectively for practical communication. The course is based on the linked language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, and these are built on as learners progress through their studies.
  • The syllabus also aims to offer insights into the culture of countries where Mandarin Chinese is spoken, thus encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and towards speakers of other languages.


  • The Cambridge IGCSE Latin syllabus aims to develop learners’ ability to understand Latin, leading to a recognition of Latin’s influence on modern European languages.
  • By comparing the structure of Latin with other languages, learners also develop an analytical approach to language learning.
  • Students study Latin prose and verse literature in its social and historical context, and are encouraged to develop a personal response to what they read. This will develop an awareness of a different time and culture, and an appreciation of Rome’s legacy to the modern world.


  • IGCSE Global Citizenship is engaging and relevant and widens students’ knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • It encourages them to reflect on what makes them a ‘global citizen’, and how their learning will develop their skills and knowledge within their local and national communities.
  • Through the content studied and assessment, students will engage in responding to issues and take part in the community project, which allows them to ‘engage’ with global society. This will enable them to take greater ownership and responsibility of the community activity to demonstrate active citizenship – improving others’ societies as well as their own.
  • Students will develop an understanding of key changes affecting societies across the world, enabling them to have a global outlook and understand diverse points of view. For students who are internationally mobile, or wish to study and work in fields that require a global outlook, this qualification will support them to become global citizens, and understand how they can affect positive change.


The IGCSE in Computer Science enableS learners to develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts of computer science;
  • Apply computational thinking skills to analyse problems and design solutions;
  • Experience of designing, writing, and testing computer programmes that accomplish specific goals;
  • The ability to reason, explain and evaluate computing solutions;
  • Awareness of current and emerging trends in computing technologies;
  • Awareness of the impact of computing on individuals, society and the environment.


  • When studying the IGCSE Music syllabus, learners listen to, perform and compose music, encouraging aesthetic and emotional development, self-discipline and, importantly, creativity.
  • As a result, learners enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of music, an achievement that forms an ideal foundation for future study and enhances life-long musical enjoyment.
  • Learners study music of all styles; each style is placed in its historical and cultural context, and they are encouraged to be perceptive, sensitive and critical when listening.
  • Although the majority of the syllabus examines Western European music, the music of other cultures is always represented.


The Art and Design course enables students to develop:

  • Creative and imaginative skills, and the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in art, craft and design;
  • Investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretive capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills;
  • Knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design in contemporary society and in other times and cultures.

Sample IGCSE Timetable

IGCSE sample timetable Sophia High

Preparing our Students

To ensure our students are prepared for IGCSE, Sophia High is currently the only online school globally to be permitted to deliver and administer the GL standardised assessments. (

Each test is standardised against UK national benchmarks using data from GL Assessments including the CAT4 suite and provides us with IGCSE target grades that we can use alongside our in-house data and teacher judgement to ensure your child is on-track and has access to any bespoke support they need to maximise their learning.


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Understanding our IGCSE Program School Fees

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The IGCSE program is a two year program.
We expect our students to stay with our teachers for the full two years. To best facilitate this we offer a discounted rate for families who pay for the whole year in advance.

Core 5 IGCSE Full Time Program
£12,000 per Academic Year *
SHS will waive the deposit for academic year payments

£4250 per Academic Term*
plus £1000 admissions deposit

Individual IGCSE Subjects
£4950 per Academic Year

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