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Inspiring Global Citizens

Intercultural Learning Comes To Life at Sophia High School: Inspiring Global Citizens

At Sophia High School, Intercultural Learning Comes to Life as we inspire our students to become global citizens.

At Sophia High, we place huge importance on developing Global Citizens as our students connect with their peers from around the world and have the opportunity to learn from each other and about each other every day.    We are proud to have a global learning community as our Online British School, with students joining us from the UK and abroad; including families based in Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, including: Online School Dubai, Online School Qatar and Saudi Arabia Online School.  This unique global learning community offers the best of a British International Online School experience.

We are building a global community of learners within a safe, secure and happy online learning environment, where our students are inspired, challenged and supported in all they do. We aim to empower young minds to think creatively, develop independence, problem solve and to make connections with the world around them.  

Modelled on the richness of the best international approach to education, our school unlocks potential, nurtures talent and realises dreams, so that students exceed expectations. Above all our guiding principles ensure that our students are aware of their responsibilities as the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow.  


At Sophia High School, our British Online School brings students from across the world together to join our online primary school and online secondary school.  Our Anywhere School actively develops our students intercultural learning skills,  global citizenship and works towards the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals as we deliver a high quality, impactful, education model which offers the best of the British curriculum online.  Students at Sophia learn, develop themselves as people and are inspired to develop their leadership skills as Global Citizens.     

The Sophia High School digital education ecosystem is made to fit the lives of today’s families.  55% of our British International School students are UK based online home school students and the rest of our families attend our online British school UK from locations based around the globe.


Sophia High School is a UK Based Online School teaching children from across the globe who want access to  high quality UK curriculum online from a British Online School provider.  We offer an exceptional International British Online Education experience for UK and Overseas International Students.

We educate children where life and learning take them.  At Sophia High School, kids don’t go to school; our school comes to them.

This is Education Reimagined.


If you are interested in the work we are doing to develop Global Citizens at Sophia High School, be sure to read more about our program via our recent Blog post and Find more more about how we inspire global citizenship here

Online School UK

Looking for an accredited online British International School? 

Our international online school is one of the first online schools to be working alongside the UK Department for Education on the Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme (OEAS).

We are also undertaking the membership evaluation process with the Council of International Schools, which is recognised by governments around the world.

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