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Join the only British Online School accredited by the UK Department for Education

As the leading British Online School UK, for children from ages 4-16, Sophia High School gives students the opportunity to be part of an entirely personalised and innovative online British International School, from anywhere on the globe. We offer a premium model of British education from 40,000 AED to 54,000 AED per year.

High Quality Affordable Education. For families across the UAE

Sophia High School A British Online School

sophia high school

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Sophia High School Fees

2023 – 2024 Academic Year

Online Elementary School

Online Primary School

Reception to Year 6
Ages 4 to 11
41,000 AED $11,200 USD per academic year
  • Full UK National Curriculum Coverage at KS1 + KS2
  • Daily Lessons in Phonics (to Y2), English, Math, IPC
  • Weekly specialist lessons in Science, French, PSHE, Wellbeing, Fitness
  • Small Class Sizes (6:1) in core subjects
  • Project Based Learning
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Online High School

Online Senior School

Year 7 to Year 9
Ages 11 to 14
45,700 AED $12,500USD per academic year
  • Full UK National Curriculum Coverage at KS3
  • Daily lessons in English, Math, IMYC
  • Specialist Taught Lessons in Science, French and PSHE / Wellbeing
  • Small Class Sizes (6:1) in core subjects
  • Immersive / VR Learning
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Online KS4

Online IGCSE Program

Year 10 to Year 11
Ages 15 to 16
56,800 AED $15,500USD per academic year
  • IGCSE 5 Core Program in English Literature, English Language, Math, Combined / Triple Award Science 
  • Additional GCSE subjects available (additional cost applies)
  • Small Class Sizes (Max 10:1)
  • Immersive / VR Learning
  • Annual fee payment discount available.
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Join our Digital School from around the globe

Sophia HIgh School

Understanding our Admissions Process

Step 1. Experience SHS

Join our Discovery Day Sessions
Virtual Open House
  • Find out more about Sophia High School, Meet our Team and Discover our Approach
  • Discovery Day for Students
  • Virtual Open House for Parents
  • Weekly Availability
  • Stay updated with our newsletter
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Step 2. Register your Child

Take part in our Admissions Assessments
Per Student
250 AED $70 USD
  • Complete School Registration Form Available Online
  • Sibling Discounts Available
  • All students sit entrance exams in English / Maths and CAT4 IGCSE
  • 1-1 Virtual Lesson Experience  
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Step 3. Your Offer to Join Us

Following Successful Assessments
Acceptance Deposit
4,500 AED $1230 USD
  • Up to six places are made available in each cohort which are allocated in order of date of registration.
  • Offers are subject to successful entrance tests.
  • As we are oversubscribed, admissions  deposits are due within 7 days of offer or places.
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My Online School: Student views on home schooling at Sophia High School

Voted Top Online School UAE Finalist by Which School Advisor

A new kind of UK Online School in Dubai, UAE & Saudi Arabia

With engaging, individualised instruction, a future skills curriculum including VR and Immersive learning, and a focus on project based learning, we are changing the face of education.  Discover Sophia High School to find out why we are one of the leading online education providers UK.

We're not your average school.

Sophia High is a British Online School England. Accredited by the UK DfE, we are founded on our core principles which include an innovative approach to teaching with personalised attention and small class sizes to ensure every student gets the best education possible.

What Makes us the Best Online School?

Our online school programs can go anywhere you go. As a British Online School we have sought the highest levels of accreditation and provide individualised instruction and a focus on real-world experiences for students. This means that Sophia is more than just another UK School or Private Online School - it's how people will think about schooling in years to come."

Online Schools Dubai

Sophia High School is a UK based British Online School that serves UK and international students around the globe. If you are looking for a premium British Online School in Dubai, UAE and Families in Saudi Arabia following the UK curriculum, get in touch with us to find out how we support homeschooling as an expat in the Middle East.

The Online School Program for Expats

We provide full time online education for children around the globe between the ages of 4 to 16. Our virtual school program offers daily real-time lessons with our team of highly qualified British Trained Teachers and small class sizes of 6 students in the core subjects. You won't find a more personalised approach anywhere else.

Get a Premium British International School Education.

Anytime. From Anywhere. Join an Accredited British Online School

Sophia High School is a member school with the Council of International Schools and is working with the UK Department for Education (DfE) Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme.

Sophia High School is the only online school authorised by GL Assessments to deliver the CAT4 and Progress Tests in English Progress Tests in Maths to benchmark student progress. 

We are a leading online education provider for families seeking: Online International Schools, Online School UAE, Dubai Online School, and the best online school in Saudi Arabia.

Join our International Online School Today


The online school market is fast become crowded with large amounts of online schools.  As career educators and former headteachers, we caution the use of the word ;’school’ when the same standards of school evaluation and inspection is not upheld.   

We believe that all online schools should seek evaluation and accreditation.   

Key areas to consider when exploring online schools and comparing prices are linked to; quality of teachers, quality of curriculum, class sizes, weekly schedules of daily timetabled real time lessons, and quality assurance.  

We follow the full UK National Curriculum for England for children from ages 4 to 16.  We offer both an Online Primary School and Online Secondary School model of online education.   

This includes daily live real time lessons with our team of highly experienced, qualified teachers and a program of supported project based independent work.  

The great thing about learning online is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world you have a stable wifi connection.   We are partners with Google For Education so have a 24-7 classroom where all of your resources, lesson recordings are available.    We offer different time zone learning streams following both the UK AM Track and UK PM Track

In our Primary and Secondary School class sizes are 6:1 in  Core Curriculum Subjects.  At GCSE level, you can expect no more than 10 students per class.

Yes. Our core program is included in the academic school fees, but we are able to offer a range of additional subjects (including at GCSE) on a private tuition basis.  This includes Humanities, Computer Science, Business Studies, Languages. Due to the practical nature of assessments, Music and Art is available to UK based students.

Our GCSE program starts in our online school year 10.  This makes us the only through school model for an online school for gcse. 

We offer a core gcse curriculum of English Literature, English Language, Maths and Combined Science. English as a Second Language GCSE is available for non-native english speaking students.

GCSE exams are taken by students based in the UK. As we are a global online school, our students take part in the International GCSE examinations. There is no difference between how universities and school rank GCSE vs IGCSE grade results.

We are a British Curriculum School following the UK National Curriculum for England.  We are the only online school partner of the International Primary Years Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum.   

At GCSE our private online high school, follows Pearson EdExcel and Cambridge IGCSE courses.

Our Online Year 10 and Online Year 11 program covers the KS4 IGCSE years. 

Our program is designed to be a 2 year pathway starting in Year 10 and ending at the end of examinations in Year 11. We do offer Year 11 students places on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with our admissions team for more information.

No!  We offer a global classroom and online school for international students as we have children that join us from countries from around the world.   

This means you can join our Online School Dubai, Online School UAE and Online School Saudi Arabia.  

For families looking for homeschooling in Saudi Arabia and Home School UAE, your children will be part of a UK Online School. 

Lots of our families join us because they want the flexibility and convenience  of being able to take Sophia High School on the road.

We are an anytime, anywhere school and operate across several time zones. 

Our British Home School model provides travelling families with a high quality online home school programme that goes anywhere you do.  


When comparing Sophia High School lots of our parents have come from the following online school programs


Kings Interhigh

Cambridge Home School

Minerva Virtual Academy

Sophia High School was the first online school in the UK to be evaluated by Ofsted in September 2023 on behalf of the UK Department for Education as part of the Online Education Accreditation Scheme.

Our full report and news on Accreditation will be shared soon. 

We are a Member School with the Council of International Schools, having undergone a three day evaluation visit in 2021.  The full report is available on our website.


EOTAS is Education Other Than at School as is a valid model of online education and home education as options for parents outside of traditional schooling.  

We have a large cohort of families looking for online schools dubai and online schools UAE who join our global classroom.    

Our International students access our model of flexible education at our virtual school from Dubai, UAE and the wider Middle East.  

Students are registered as students at a UK Online School and can be provided with full academic reports and transfer certificates that are accepted by Schools in the UAE, Dubai, Saudi, Qatar and Ministries like the KHDA. 

Yes!.  We have a large community of students and families who join us from Dubai and across the UAE.  In fact we are one of the top ranked and best online schools in Saudi Arabia.  

As our British Online School has been evaluated by Ofsted and will be accredited by the UK Department of Education, all students joining us are registered at a fully recognised school in England.  

Yes.  There is no regulation or law preventing students from joining an online school in Dubai or online school UAE.  

All students are registered as pupils as a DfE recognised school in England.  We  provide full academic school reports and transfer certificates to families. 


A New Kind of
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