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LDN Award: Fastest Growing Companies

LDN Award: Fastest Growing Companies

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LDN Award: Fastest Growing Companies Announced and Sophia Technologies comes in at 19!  

Welcome to the London Daily News LDN Award : Fastest growing companies award. We had over 1,000 company submissions our judging panel then had the unenviable task of whittling that down to a final 50, which we then put to a reader vote to get to our final 30 and eventual winner The Cheeky Panda !

From bamboo-based toilet rolls to smart lockers, and aviation to curated plant kits, London’s top 30 fastest-growing companies are an eclectic mix! This list of creative organisations not only won the votes of the people but proved considerable year-on-year growth.

Sophia Technologies joins a fantastic group of fast growing UK companies who are changing the narrative for their future sectors.     As a UK based, female founded Start Up, Sophia is supercharging education in the digital age through online education at its leading British Online School and shaping education in the Metaverse with our Athenaverse Project.     Believing the future is now, Sophia uses innovation in technology to solve real problems in the education sector through excellence in digital learning and teaching, AI and Automations and in establishing the first city for Education inside of the Metaverse in Somnium Space.  

Founder of Sophia, Melissa McBride comments ‘ We are delighted to be recognised by the LDN Awards as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.   We join a spectacular field of innovative companies who are driving growth and new opportunities within their respective industries.  For us, Education is the backbone of every society and as we look towards a digital future, we are thrilled to be leading from the front as we reimagine education and shape a whole new world of learning in the Metaverse.    Its time to create a better more equitable and sustainable era of education and this is what our mission is at Sophia. 

LDN Award:  Winner!: The Cheeky Panda
The Cheeky Panda® is the UK’s first 100% bamboo tissue brand, providing a sustainable alternative to tree-based tissue. The products are natural, luxuriously soft and friendly to sensitive skin, and are free from fertilisers, pesticides, chlorine bleach and fragrance.

2. Waterdrop

3. Velocity Smart Technology

4. Mercator Group

5. Wazoku

6. Walr Ltd

7. Muddy Trowel

8. Grounded

9. Samuel and Co Trading

10. ZigZag Global

11. Ringover

12. Chattermill

13. Gravity Co Living

14. Amplitude

15. Quantus Gallery

16. The FPS Group

17. GoodRays

18. Sophia App

19. Oto

20. Toqio

21. Klowt

22. Puresport


24. The Wholeleaf Company

25. Bright Data

26. Moneypenny

27. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

28. LuxDeco

29. Noon Academy

30. Capital Business Media

Congratulations to everyone that made the top 30 and especially to our Top 10 and Winner!

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