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Leading from the front in Online Education - Sophia High School

Leading from the front in Online Education - Sophia High School

Digital Education

It’s no secret that technology has had a profound impact on every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s how we work, how we connect with others, or how we learn, technology is constantly changing the way we live.  Education is a sector that is experiencing a paradigm shift in learning as the traditional K12 classroom setting is changing as more schools embrace the power and potential of digital education.  And this transformational shift towards online education t is being driven by technology. 

The recent global pandemic has had a profound impact on education and it is hard to deny that the future of K12 education is moving more and more towards an education online approach. We are experiencing a transformational shift in a model of education which has largely been analog based since the Victorian era to a digital version fit for learning in a cyber focused world, driven through technology.

With schools shuttered around the world during the pandemic, millions of students were forced to adapt to a new reality: remote learning. While some schools embraced Online Education and saw new opportunities for a future ready vision of digital education, others have struggled to keep up. As we look to the future, it is clear that online education is here to stay and this is a growing area of interest for both traditional school group providers and as the focus for Edtech investments.

Every student learns differently, and online schools are able to cater to each individual's needs

Online schools offer a number of advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar schools. First and foremost, they are more flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace, have 24/7 access to learning materials and class resources and support children in the ability to learn on their own schedule. Additionally, online schools often have a more diverse range of courses and programs than traditional schools, including new opportunities for immersive learning in VR and Metaverse Education. And finally, online schools are increasingly becoming more affordable as tuition rates continue to rise thus offering the opportunity to provide a better, more equitable era of education.

Online schools offer a level of flexibility that traditional schools simply cannot match. Students can learn at their own pace, review lessons and learning materials as often as needed to support learning, and they can access course material from anywhere in the world. Additionally, online schools are often able to provide a more personalised learning experience than traditional schools. Every student learns differently, and online schools are able to cater to each individual’s needs in a way that brick-and-mortar schools often cannot.

Not all online schools are created equal

Today, the sector is experiencing more traditional schools exploring hybrid school models of learning in order to build on the best of online learning UK, whilst opening new monetization routes through an admissions without boarders approach to student enrolment. Hybrid Models of Online Education enable both in person and online lessons, synchronous and asynchronous learning. Hybrid learning offers the opportunity to reach students and teachers who would otherwise be outside of geographical proximity of the location at the school, while at the same time addressing teacher work load, lowering operational costs and raising global brand reach and awareness without the expensive costs of new school builds in international markets.

However, there are some concerns about the quality of education online and the lack of regulation in the sector, in particular online learning UK. Some parents worry that their children will not receive the same high-quality education that they would receive at a traditional school. Others worry that online education will not prepare students for the real world.

As a leading provider of British Online Education and a Member School with the Council of International Schools, at Sophia High School we believe that Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Digital Education and Online Education, are areas that parents should always research when looking into a school for their children.

Unfortunately the accelerated rise of interest in Digital Education and Online Learning UK, has seen large numbers of new entrants into the British online education sector since 2020 as a result of new market opportunities. However, not all online schools are created equal and in fact, very few are actually led by a qualified team of experienced educational leaders with backgrounds in successful British Schools.

Low cost options for education online with high student numbers in classes, lack of teacher directed curriculum time in line with UK school requirements, failure to use qualified experienced teachers who have been vetted according to the standards for Safer Recruitment in Education and providers who use affiliation with examination boards as ‘accreditation’ benchmarks should be researched carefully. All online schools offering a Digital Education offer Admissions or Open Days and these provide parents with the opportunity to ask really essential questions about the provision for education online. For more information on what to ask online schools about their provision, please visit our blog from our Director of Education, David McCarthy Here

Despite these concerns, there is an emerging class of leading British Online Education providers who are working to ensure that the future of k12 education is online. Online schools are constantly improving, and they offer a unique and convenient learning experience that is perfect for today’s busy families.

The best online education providers put safeguarding, wellbeing and quality learning outcomes for children as a priority. As a leading British Online School, Sophia High School is really proud to be pioneering best practice in the emerging Digital Education sector. We are one of only two British Online Schools to be recognised as a Member School with the globally recognised, The Council of International Schools and one of four online learning UK providers to be selected by the UK Department for Education for their pilot Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme in collaboration with Ofsted.

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Whether your family is struggling with remote learning during the pandemic or you simply want your child to reap all the benefits of online schooling, we’d love to welcome you to our global learning community.

To learn more about our leading approach join us at our next virtual open house event or schedule a call today with our Admissions Team to start your child’s journey with Sophia High School.