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Brainwave: Improving Academic Achievement and Positive Emotional Skills

Metacognition - The Art and Science of Learning

Metacognition is a hot topic in the field of education.  But what is it, exactly? And why does it matter?

Metacognition is the ability to think about your own thinking – to be aware of thoughts and feelings as you’re experiencing them. It is about being able to regulate those thoughts and feelings. It’s the ability to take charge of your own learning process.  It is a complex and challenging skill.

According to neuroscientists like Eric Jensen, priming the brain for particular states of engagement — such as curiosity, intrigue, surprise, suspense, a bit of confusion, skepticism, and the feeling of safety — prepares the mind to learn. Furthermore, incorporating emotion into our instruction and content supports long-term memory.

Metacognition is a fancy word for something all parents do unconsciously – helping their kids learn to think about their own thinking. It’s the art and science of learning.  It is a valuable skill that kids can develop at any age, and will help students to become a more reflective learner. By paying attention to your child’s thoughts and feelings, you can support their growing independence and academic success

Brainwave - Learning to Learn at Sophia High School

At Sophia High School, students are given the opportunity to learn about neuroscience through our development and growth of personal goals.  This is a fundamental part of our curriculum teaching & learning activities.  Metacognition is woven into the annual Brainwave thematic unit of study – which explores the art and science of learning.

Our Brainwave units are vested with the following goals:

  • Enhancing learners’ cognitive, emotional, and social well-being
    Teaching students how their brains work
  • Supporting students as they explore their thinking and feelings about topics, relationships, and experiences
  • Helping students regroup and refocus
  • Improving academic achievement and standards

How does the Brainwave classroom benefit students and teachers?

With our Brainwave units, as part of the wider IPC and IMYC British Curriculum on offer at Sophia High School, students are provided with the space to explore how all emotions connect to students’ lives and interests, as well as the academic curriculum. As part of this pioneering program, senior students in our online high school have the opportunity to engage with, founded by Goldie Hawn.

Based firmly in neuroscience, MindUP teaches the skills and knowledge children need to regulate their stress and emotion, form positive relationships, and act with kindness and compassion.


Brainwave - junior unit
Brainwave - senior unit

Metacognition is an important skill that can help students better understand themselves and their world. Parents, teachers, and coaches should work to develop this skillset in children. Growing as a metacognitive learner provides children with fundamental skills sets for life as they develop their skills in self-reflection, attention, emotional regulation and cognitive flexibility

For parents, understanding and fostering metacognition in their children can be a powerful tool for unlocking academic success. Research has shown that children who are good at metacognitive skills tend to have better academic outcomes than their peers, which is why at Sophia High School, we place great importance on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to discover more about the brain, how we learn and develop their understanding about the Art and Science of learning. 

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