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Full Time Online Homeschooling

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Sophia High provides a full-time online homeschooling option to parents who are seeking a blended learning, study-at-home option for their children whilst ensuring access to a rigorous programme following the UK National Curriculum from Year 1 – Year 9.

Welcome to the Future of Education​

A School that provides a flexible 24/7 approach to learning, combining live online lessons with fully qualified teachers in small teaching groups, together with independent home learning.   We have taken the best of the traditional independent private school approach to education and present a future ready digital learning experience for our students.
Powered by over 50 years of educational leadership and teaching experience, we are thrilled to be a leading player in the online educational experience of the future.  Never before has digital learning such a powerful instrument for change as we look to a new future of homeschooling and online education provision.
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Full Time Home Schooling Online Sophia High School

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Elected Home Education / Online Homeschooling FAQ

At Sophia High, we understand that the decision to move away from traditional schools is one that parents do not take lightly. We thought it would be helpful to provide some guidance and advice on Elective Home Learning and Online Homeschooling from the UK Department for Education.

Full Time Home Schooling Online Sophia High School

EHE (Elective Home education) is a collective term used in the UK to describe education provided other than through the schooling system. Parents have a duty to ensure their children are educated but the education legislation in England and Wales does not differentiate between school attendance or education otherwise than at school.

Data shows that from 2018 to 2019 60,000 children were being home educated in the UK.  A rise of more than 8,000 students from the year before. Numbers are sure to rise sharply in 2020 since the Covid 19 pandemic. According to Andrew Halls OBE, headteacher of Kings, it can be expected that 300,000 children will be home-schooled by 2025.

Under section 7 of the 1996 Education Act, it is the parent’s duty: “to cause (the child) to receive efficient full-time education suitable to his (or her) age, ability and aptitude and to any special educational needs he (or she) may have either by regular attendance at school or “otherwise.”

It is therefore possible for parents to take on the “duty to educate” their children themselves if schools do not fit their needs or expectations.

There are many reasons why homeschooling may be good for your child. These include:

  • They feel homeschooling gives their child a better education than their local school.
  • They live too far away from their school.
  • They want less exposure to bullying and peer pressure. 
  • The parents want more tailored social interactions that support their values.
  • They feel that their child’s educational needs are not being met by the school.
  • Their child is too sick to attend school.
  • A traditional school timetable does not fit their child’s lifestyle or schedule, for which homeschooling is better adapted.
  • Write to the Head Teacher of your child’s school to inform him/her of your intention and to ask for the child’s name to be removed from the school roll 
  • Inform the local council of your choice, so that your child can be registered as Electively Home Educated
  • Work out what approach you will take.  Will you teach your children yourself, or will you choose an online school (such as Sophia High School) to deliver the compulsory content?
  • You will probably have to complete some sort of home education plan for your local council, to meet the educational requirements of your child.
  • It is important to notice that the chosen curriculum should be broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.

Please read their guidance for parents, published in April 2019. This guidance is intended to help parents who choose to educate a child at home understand what their responsibilities are, and how those fit with the role of the local authority.

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