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Full time Online Homeschooling

Sophia High School provides a full time online homeschooling option to parents who are seeking a blended learning, study at home, option for their children, whilst ensuring access to a rigorous programme following the UK National Curriculum from Year 1 - Year 9.
A School that provides a flexible 24/7 approach to learning, combining live online lessons with fully qualified teachers in small teaching groups, together with independent home learning.   We have taken the best of the traditional independent private school approach to education and present a future ready digital learning experience for our students.
Powered by over 48 years of educational leadership and teaching experience, we are thrilled to be a leading player in the online educational experience of the future.  Never before has digital learning such a powerful instrument for change as we look to a new future of homeschooling and online education provision.
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Full Time Home Schooling Online Sophia High School

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Elected Home Education FAQ

At Sophia High, we understand that the decision to move away from traditional schools is one that parents do not take lightly.  We thought it would be helpful to provide some guidance and advice on Elective Home Learning from the UK Department for Education.

Full Time Home Schooling Online Sophia High School

EHE (Elective Home education) is a collective term used in the UK to describe education provided other than through the schooling system. Parents have a duty to ensure their children are educated but the education legislation in England and Wales does not differentiate between school attendance or education otherwise than at school.

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