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Rise of British online education

Why families are choosing Sophia High as their chosen British Online Private School

The number of British Online Private School’s now available has risen steeply in recent years, which can make it difficult to scope out what makes one option better than the next. Why are families choosing Sophia High School as an online private school.
Over the last number of years, education has seen a rise in numbers of families actively seeking new online private schooling options for their children as they break free of traditional schooling environments.  As a result, the number of British Online Private Schools offering the UK National Curriculum is on the rise and parents have more options than ever before in selecting the best school environment for their child and family situation.
Seeking flexibility, a personalised approach to learning, avoidance of school issues such as bullying and poor behaviour of wider students, the ability to build confidence in their children, and more recently a programme that offers uninterrupted learning; there are a huge number of factors that are leading more families to consider online schooling than ever before.  
Regardless of the method of delivery, traditional vs online schooling, state vs independent, our educational leadership team believes that all students have a right to a high quality education. A programme that identifies their unique talents, builds their confidence, prepares them for the role they will play in the future, and enables them to achieve their potential.   These are the core aims of our Online Primary School and Online Secondary School programme at Sophia High School.
To do this effectively in an online schooling environment, means to seek external validation and accreditation in a sector, which currently remains unregulated in the UK. At Sophia High School, we are in the process of joining the Council of International Schools as a member school working over the next three years towards accreditation with this globally recognised organisation and have recently worked alongside the UK Department for Education as 1 of 4 online schools in the UK chosen to take part in their pilot inspection programme led by Ofsted for the soon to launch Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme.
We believe in relationships; with our students, their families and staff, and hold firm on our belief that these relationships can only be achieved when working with students online when lessons are held in real-time, provide interactive learning opportunities and are in small group settings.  This is why we offer a market leading class size of no more than six students per live lesson in the core subjects of English, Math and Science from Year 1 through to Year 9.
Our small class sizes ensure that every child is seen by our team of qualified teachers and is an active participant in our live online interactive lessons. In view of the standards of the OEAS for online education providers, we offer the full UK national curriculum and have given great consideration to both our weekly subject time allocation and daily timetables for our students across our British Online Private School.
As a Google for Education partner, we are able to use the full suite of Educational tools as part of the Google ‘Anywhere School’ model.  Google Classroom provides a safe and secure platform for our students and their families to access their live interactive lessons and where we make all of our learning visible as part of our innovative blended learning approach to our online home school programme.  
The route to choosing the right British Online Private School for families can be a difficult process, in particular for international families looking for quality online home school options, which is why our school Educational Leadership team who share over 50 years of Headship and teaching experience in outstanding schools both in the UK and internationally, have put together this helpful blog on the Top 10 Things to Look for in an Online School.

Should you have any questions or wish to enrol your child at Sophia High School, we invite you to schedule a call with our senior leadership team.

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