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school vs education

British Homeschooling Programs: School vs Education

The rise of british homeschooling programs: What’s more important, School or Education?

At Sophia High School we believe that the future of education isn’t defined by the physical constraints of a school building.

Our full time online school offers the best of a British Curriculum in a digital environment where kids don’t go to school, our online school comes to them.

Our ‘Anywhere School’, powered by Google for Education, provides a digitally delivered online primary and secondary education for children from age 5 to 14.

We have adopted the highest U.K. international standards and crafted them into live experiences that nurture, encourage, and inspire your child’s growth.

We educate children where life and learning take them. At Sophia High School our classrooms can be anywhere!

This is Education Reimagined.

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Which UK homeschooling curriculum is right for you? 

Not all online schools are created equal, and there are many things to consider when choosing a homeschooling program. 

Our Director of Education, David McCarthy, has put together a comprehensive list of things to look for in an online school. These important factors include:

  • the leadership team’s experience,
  • class sizes,
  • accreditation, 
  • teacher qualifications & safeguarding measures,
  • how the curriculum is delivered,
  • feedback,
  • … and more

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