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Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness in Online Education

Sophia High School Approach

Online Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness Education at Sophia High School

At Sophia High School, the promotion of good mental wellbeing and mindfulness for all of our students, is at the heart of our curriculum and online provision as we inspire all of our students to be mindful, resilient learners.

Our enabling environment and excellent teacher – student relationships mean that Sophia High students have a very positive start to school life. Children are assessed on entry and their progress is closely monitored through both formal and informal methods, enabling individualised approaches put in place in order to support or challenge children in their learning. Read our students’ testimonials.


Online school mental wellbeing

Promoting & Supporting
Mental Health and Wellbeing at Schools

Online school mental wellbeing

Our aim, in putting Mental Health and Wellbeing at the forefront of our purpose and direction, is to create a safe and calm online learning environment and to strengthen the growth mindset, self-belief and resilience of our students.

Four Dimensions of Online Education at
Sophia High School

Four Dimensions of Learning

A Culture of Wellbeing at Sophia High

Sophia High School has a four dimensional, multi-layered approach to ensuring that our online school program creates a culture of wellbeing.  Led by Dominic Watts, teacher of PSHE and Mindfulness Coach at Sophia High School and Director of the Mindful Schools Program and Holistic Teacher at @the_free_spirit_collective, our teachers and senior leaders provide guidance and understanding, whilst class time, assemblies and lessons create opportunities to connect with, understand and support our students. 

Our leading online curriculum, covering the UK National Curriculum objects through the delivery of the IPC and IMYC, embraces the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and covers the personal goals, skills, strategies and knowledge to help our students develop global citizenship, whilst supporting their mental health and wellbeing. 

To celebrate #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, Sophia High invited Dominic Watts, Director of the Mindful Schools Program and Holistic Teacher at @the_free_spirit_collective , to run mindfulness workshops across the school. In his role as a mindfulness coach, he has helped entire families overcome their family dynamics; he also has mentored many children to become more productive and caring, and he has held many corporate lectures on the need for mindfulness in this hectic world.

mental health awareness and life coach

Exploring Mindfulness & Resilience

In our PSHE and Wellbeing lessons, we offer coaching to students on mindfulness and meditation, self-regulation and social responsibility, so that students develop a range of relevant strategies to support their mental health and wellbeing while working online at our leading British Online School. 

Throughout the year, Dominic spends time in our PSHE and Mindfulness lessons introducing the concept of mediation, and how meditation helps clear the mind of clutter and negative emotions.

He explores with our students the key areas of mindfulness such as: What does it mean to be healthy? What are emotions? What is the mind? What does it mean to be emotionally or mentally unhealthy? Is it OK to be sad? (‘negative’ emotions are perfectly natural). How can we help ourselves and others to deal with ‘negative’ emotions? Is it possible to observe your own mind?