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British Online School in Qatar/Doha

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Looking for an Online School in Qatar?  Wanting to know if Homeschooling in Doha is legal?  Seeking an outstanding Online School in Doha offering the British Curriculum in an online school setting?

If you are an expat, new arrival or family seeking an Online School Qatar or Homeschooling in Qatar options for your children, Sophia High School  can help as we are a leading International British School Online Education provider in Doha and Qatar.  

We are a full time, co-educational online primary and secondary school for offering the full British curriculum for students from Year 1 (5+) through to Year 9 (14+).      

Led by an Educational Leadership team with over 50 years of Independent Private School experience as former Headteachers and passionate educators, we understand that deciding which British School in Qatar/Doha to send your child to can be a difficult decision, especially if you are new to Doha. Choosing to Homeschool your child can feel daunting, but our team of experienced educators are here to help.

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Sophia High School provides all you expect from an outstanding British Independent School; high quality learning, qualified experienced teachers, small class sizes, the best safeguarding practices in place, outstanding learning outcomes and opportunities for children.   Join our global learning community and your child will learn alongside our UK based teachers and peers in the UK, together with overseas children studying abroad in countries including Qatar.

The UK's leading Online British School Doha / Qatar

We offer our international students based in Doha, Qatar the opportunity to join our British Online School so that they can start homeschooling in Qatar.  This means your children have the opportunity to join a leading UK based Online School Qatar; providing flexibility and convenience whilst ensuring that students receive an outstanding education whilst learning online.  Expats in Doha and Qatar can homeschool in Qatar and join an online school Doha, because there is no law in Qatar regarding mandatory attendance of residence, only Qatari citizens.    

You can read more about our Accreditation with the UK Department for Education / Ofsted and the Council of International Schools by visiting our Online School Accreditation page. 

Homeschool Qatar

How our Online School Qatar works?

Our experienced, professional teachers are based in the UK and conduct real-time, interactive, timetabled lessons online.  Each teacher has been handpicked by our Educational Leadership team who are former Headteachers and leaders of leading Independent Schools both in the UK and overseas in both Dubai and Doha.  Our CEO was part of the founding education team setting up King’s College Doha as an education director.

Our blended learning model of live, online, interactive small group lessons  and independent home learning coursework enables overseas students to join us from just about anywhere in the world, all that is needed is an internet connection and computer which will enable you to access our Google Classroom digital learning environment.  Our daily online lessons are timetabled in the morning based on UK time so our online school Qatar and Homeschooling Doha students join our British Online School from 10.30am Doha time.  

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Why Homeschool in Qatar with Sophia High School?

Outstanding British Independent School Experience

Sophia High School’s online provision provides considerable advantages over more traditional British Schools in Qatar and stands apart from our online school competitors. As passionate educators with over 50 years of teaching and senior leadership experience in outstanding British schools around the world, our core driver is to ensure that every student is provided with a high quality learning experience and achieves their full potential.

Master British Online School Teachers

Our fully qualified, UK based teachers have been handpicked by our team from some of the best schools in the UK and have undergone rigorous safeguarding and safer recruitment checks. Our teachers deliver daily, live online lessons to our students in a maximum group size of 6 students per teaching pod for the core subjects. This ensures that every child gets the individual focus and attention they need in lessons and also avoids any behavioural issues which can arise in both traditional class settings and online school settings where there is a high teacher to student ratio.

An Exceptional British Online School Curriculum

Our Master Teachers provide daily timetabled lessons for our online school qatar students, in the core UK National Curriculum subjects including English, Maths and the International Primary Curriculum / International Middle Years Curriculum. This program is enhanced by weekly additional subject specialist lessons in Science, French, Mindfulness and PSHE. We also provide a programme of guided independent coursework linked to the live lessons which follow the UK National Curriculum objectives. Coursework, learning resources and support material is available 24/7 via our digital learning environment powered by Google Classroom.

Weekly 1-1 parent meetings & online school reports

Parents have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher during our weekly 1-1 meetings to discuss the learning, progress and achievement and we have a clear and transparent assessment and reporting policy so that parents fully understand their child’s learning journey at all times and we work alongside parents to provide guidance on how best to support learning at home. Our live lessons are recorded and posted weekly to enable students to return to the learning at any time as an additional learning resource tool. We offer termly school reports and transfer certificates for our homeschool Qatar families and provide support when transitioning to new schools.

We strive to create a global learning community, where students are encouraged to connect with their peers both through lesson interactions, weekly whole school celebration assemblies or in taking leadership roles in leading live lessons and sharing their passions and interests with their peers.   We also offer a wide variety of individual pursuits through our extensive extra curricular programme called SophiaX

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Homeschooling in Qatar

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