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British Curriculum Key Stage 3 (Age 11-14)

Year 7 - Year 9

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At Sophia High, we aim to empower young minds to think creatively, develop independence, problem solve and to make connections with the world around them. Modelled on the richness of the best international approach to education, our school unlocks potential, nurtures talent and realises dreams, so that students exceed expectations. Student achievement will be limitless, and they will leave us with the confidence and capability that will equip them for every facet of adult life, as a global citizen. Students will be aware of their responsibilities as the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow, as they develop critical 21st Century life skills, such as: communication, collaboration, digital intellect, empathy and sustainable literacy. 

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Online Secondary School Curriculum

At Sophia High School, our curriculum integrates the very best components of the English National Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum, enabling students in Years 7 to 9 to become ambitious, confident and inspired learners, and to approach learning with a clear focus on the progression of skills. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, outlined on the following pages, helping students learn to make meaningful connections among them. Students study English, Math and Science, as well as Geography, History, Art, Computing, Music, Design Technology and Innovation, International, Health and Wellbeing.

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IMYC Leadership
IMYC Theme Lower Senior: Community

Subjects On Offer in Key Stage 3

The National Curriculum in these core subjects provides a framework for learning, outlining knowledge around which teachers develop stimulating lessons that promote the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills. Teachers set high expectations, planning higher level work for those whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard and delivering lessons to students who need additional guidance and support. Teachers use a wide range of appropriate assessments to set targets, which are deliberately ambitious to help students reach their highest potential.


English skills empower students in all aspects of their schooling and adult lives. As well as communication, grammar and analytical skills, English provides students with an opportunity to enhance their ability to think critically and make evaluations. Through their study of English, Senior School students develop their formal essay writing, problem solving, presentation delivery and persuasion. English is a challenging and rewarding subject that allows students to experience classical literature along with contemporary texts. In this sense, English is more than a set of rules to be followed, but a way of developing empathy by exploring culture, places and people. Methods of assessment include creative writing, formal analytical essays, discussion with peers, speeches and presentations about writers’ skills and techniques. The study of grammar is embedded in all areas of the curriculum, and our goal is to foster students who reflect on their targets and evaluate the effectiveness of their choices. At Sophia High School, delivery of English at KS3 follows the National Curriculum guidelines while also corresponding to the International Middle Years Curriculum learning goals for Language Arts

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In the Senior School, Mathematics is taught in a holistic way that covers all elements of the subject: Algebra, Number, Geometry and Statistics. The nature of focusing on the same four topics throughout Senior School means students are able to consolidate and extend their learning. The course also incorporates investigation work and real-world applications of these mathematical concepts. The senior students currently follow the white rose scheme.

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Science is an essential skill and an inspirational subject that can set students on pathways leading to a broad spectrum of opportunities. The Science Department takes a unique and enthusiastic approach to science learning.Unlike in many U.K. schools, all students sit a rigorous and well-produced set of integrated courses that build upon and complement each other. Beginning in Year 7 (Grade 6), students embark on a course that contains the foundations of all aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

science key stage 1

For more information – download our Senior Curriculum Guide here

International Middle Years Curriculum

Online Secondary School - IMYC Curriculum

The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is thematic, creative and employs specific goals for learning in each subject as well as for personal development. The curriculum applies a global approach that helps students connect learning to where they are living now, and view learning from the perspectives of people in other countries. The IMYC has a clear structure over Years 7 to 9, in which students aim to achieve specific learning goals, catered to their ages, in all core subjects: Society, International, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and Innovation, ICT and Computing, Music, PE and Science. To aid learning in these mileposts, we adopt a whole school thematic approach which are then adapted by teachers to suit the learning stages of the students. This ensures a varied and exciting curriculum that follows an appropriate progression of skills and helps students reach their highest potential. The key skills learnt here will be invaluable across the curriculum when they start their GCSEs.

World Languages/French

The study of world languages enhances and reinforces knowledge of other disciplines and enables individuals to experience the joy of communicating with a broader range of people. Students need to know the rules and structures of the different languages they are learning in order to communicate effectively. Through reading, writing, listening and speaking, learners will develop an understanding of  communicating in an additional language and the multiple perspectives of the associated culture

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The senior students at Sophia High School follow Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE. In the senior school this brings together PSHE, emotional literacy, social and employability skills and Relationships, Sex and Health Education in a comprehensive scheme of learning. Teaching strategies are varied and are mindful of preferred learning styles and the need for differentiation. Jigsaw is designed as a whole-school approach, a spiral curriculum, with year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time.

Online well-structured lesson plans with slide presentations and teaching/learning activities empower the specialist and non-specialist alike, ensuring the teaching materials are always up-to-date. The focus on mental health is evident throughout, and the content is student-driven and in line with the latest national guidance. All Jigsaw Programmes are underpinned by mindfulness philosophy with mindfulness practice scripts and audio files included in every lesson, supporting young people’s mental health and learning. 

jigsaw the mindful approach to PSHE

Beyond the Curriculum

At Sophia High School, we believe in a future of education in which students are given the chance to be creative thinkers. This involves offering them an array of opportunities to explore beyond the curriculum, led by our fully-qualified teachers and subject specialists, who are dedicated to providing high-quality online schooling in a way that makes sense for the 21st century. As a fully online school, there are some limitations we face in regards to the delivery of more hands-on focused subjects such as Music, Art, Physical Education and Dance, however we do endeavour to teach the curriculum objectives for these subjects as outlined in the IPC where ever possible. This includes during live lesson sessions as well as independent learning opportunities that our teaching team share with both the students and their parents. We are very proud of our willingness to innovate in these areas in order to deliver as much of the curriculum as possible.

Sophia X Inspired Learning

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