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Online Secondary School UK: An Unprecedented Rise in Demand

Online Secondary School UK: A steep rise in demand boosted by COVID is accelerating innovation in the education industry and convincing more and more families that online schooling is right for them.

COVID has led many families to think about online schooling who might not have done otherwise, with Google searches for the term ‘online schools’ rising over 600 per cent between summer 2019 and 2020. This has led to an unprecedented demand for online secondary schools in the UK.

Parents choose an online secondary school UK for a variety of reasons. According to the Good Schools Guide, some parents have stated that their child really took to the online learning provided by mainstream schools and they’ve decided to continue down that route. Others are fearful that mainstream schools may have to temporarily shut down again if there’s a second spike of COVID. Then there are those whose offspring were only just hanging on in mainstream schooling anyway due to mental health or SEN issues, and COVID has prompted them to consider online schooling as a longer-term option.

However, COVID isn’t the only reason that online UK secondary schooling is taking off. Many students with anxiety and other mental health problems often prefer the idea of learning from the perceived comfort of home. They also like the quietness, flexibility and perceived anonymity of online learning.

Online learning can also suit families who want to access the British national curriculum from overseas. In addition, it can work well for elite young sportspeople and actors with professional commitments that make the inflexibility of mainstream school challenging. Then there are parents who like the idea of their children being home schooled, but feel unable to do all the teaching themselves.

Many parents are now seeing online education as a valuable alternative to traditional school, particularly as some are achieving the kind of results that most bricks and mortar schools would be proud of.

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When it comes to the best online secondary schools UK offering a structured school day, there are still surprisingly few options offering the British national curriculum. Sophia High Online schooling forms part of the wider home-schooling model, that takes the pressure off parents by providing students with a structured learning programme with trained and qualified teachers, who have met all the safeguarding requirements. Sophia High School provides a structured school day with live lessons (often recorded so students can catch up later). It has an established history and, in a recent trial Ofsted inspection, parents and students described many positive experiences, including the quality of education and how happy they were at the school.

Sophia High School continues to be the only UK online school that offers Yrs 1-9, and is in the process of being accredited by the Department of Education in the UK, the Council of International Schools and the International Curriculum Association.


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