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Wondering how Online Schooling at Sophia High School works?

Our Online School education model is supported by: 

Blended online learning environment

Our blended learning online learning environment provides our students with everything you expect from a school, and so much more. Our small class sizes, of maximum 6 students for every teacher during our live online teaching pod sessions in the core subjects, enable every student to receive a personalised approach to learning in line with their own unique learners profile

Interactive online lessons

At Sophia High, we encourage our students to be active participants in the learning through our interactive online lessons, led by qualified teachers who are passionate educators and experts in their field. Our dynamic learning platform ensures that connections can easily be made and that our students have help in their learning when they need it.

Community of learners

Our use of Google Classroom makes the learning visual and provides access to previous learning and guided lesson support at the click of a button and our focus on creating a community of learners through our daily team meetings and weekly celebration assemblies helps us to create opportunities for students to work beyond the curriculum and alongside both their teachers and their peers.

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How Sophia High School Works

Only The Best Teachers

- Experience -

Qualified Teachers

At Sophia High School, our team of full time, qualified and experienced teachers are recruited and hand selected by our educational leadership team who share over 48 years of experience as former Headteachers, school leaders and passionate educators.  We follow all Safer Recruitment in Education guidelines for the appointment of teachers in the UK and uphold the ISI (Independent School Inspectorate) guidelines for School Inspection. 

- Interactive -

Individual Attention

At Sophia High School, our teachers provide students with the individual attention they need. There are no silly questions or questions that remain unanswered after the lessons at Sophia High School. Learners can talk to their teachers during online lessons and also message them privately via our Google Classroom environment, which can be particularly helpful if a child wants to avoid asking a question when working alongside their peers during a live online lesson or has a question when working on the independent learning assignments.

- Private School Education -

British Curriculum

Our passionate and experienced teachers deliver an exceptional online learning experience to our students, offering parents the best of the British homeschooling curriculum.   We pride ourselves on providing our students with the best of a British Private School Education, enriched with an engaging online learning experience.


High Quality Teaching and Learning

Our experienced professional teachers conduct real-time, interactive, timetabled lessons online.  Our students join us for daily timetabled lessons from the UK and wider locations from around the world including; Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Norway and wider European countries.   

We make connecting to our online learning platform and accessing our learning programme easy through the use of Google Classroom.   The dynamic nature of our lessons encourage children to be active participants in the learning process through the use of our interactive whiteboard technology through the use of JamBoard and Bitpaper.   Students and parents are able to communicate with our team easily to get answers to questions they may have and have 24-7 access to our learning resources, including lesson recordings which we post online at the end of each week to support ongoing learning.

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Building Great Relationships

Emphasis on the relationship

At Sophia High School we place huge emphasis on the relationship between our School, Students and Parents as we work together to ensure that students are supported in their learning and achieve their potential. We call this our Triangle of Power.

Award winning Curriculum

Our students are motivated by our creative, concept and thematic based curriculum, which is powered through our partnership with the award winning International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum. (IMYC). The IPC and IMYC are used in over 1400 leading schools around the world, and we are delighted to have been chosen as the first Online School to offer both the Primary and Middle Years Programme Online.

Adaptive learning

At its heart, our curriculum enables our team of teachers to adapt the learning to children's interests and level of understanding to keep our learners engaged and motivated. The IPC and the IMYC helps to engage our parents with learning, and to understand the relevance of learning in the online classroom and at home. In addition this award winning curriculum, not only supports the delivery of the objectives of the UK National Curriculum, but it also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning. Key skills for learning in the 21st century.

Transparent assessment and reporting

Our parents are one of the greatest learning assets that our students have as they work behind the scenes to support ongoing learning at home. This is why we have an open and transparent assessment and reporting system in place, so that our parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and learning journey with us. We hold weekly parent meetings with our teachers to provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss learning and to celebrate each success. Each parent / guardian is given their own ‘guardian’ access to the school portal, frequently providing information about a child’s learning progress, lesson resources, any feedback and recent assignments.

Termly report

Each term our students take part in a programme of standardised assessments, with reports provided and explained to parents so you don’t just have to take our word for it that your child is benefiting from the education they receive from our expert team of teachers. At the end of each term our teachers will report on progress your child has made towards their year group subjects objectives of the UK national curriculum.

Sense of community

Above all we foster a sense of community amongst our learners, coming together as a learning community each Friday to connect and celebrate the success of our students. Our assemblies and team meetings are designed to empower our students to embrace their roles as the learners of today, but as the future leaders of tomorrow.

Putting children first

We put our students first in all that we do. 

Our model of education is designed around our ability to achieve the best learning outcomes for our students based on a blended learning model that combines high quality online teaching with the flexibility of independent home learning.   Our baseline assessment programme forms an important part of our admissions process and ensures that our team begins to gather a clear picture of each student, their learning journey and future pathways to success.    

Our experienced team of teachers use our formative and summative assessment to plan an inspiring curriculum that not only motivates students but also helps them to succeed.    Our small group classes sizes ensures that every student is catered for and receives the individual attention they require to meet their potential. 

Most importantly, Sophia High Students have fun during their lessons, enjoy learning alongside their peers and form close working relationships with their teachers.  

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