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Meet our British Online School Teachers

Sophia High School Approach

Experienced Fully Qualified Teachers

Our British Online School lessons are taught by our team of qualified and experienced UK based school teachers, in a live interactive online environment. This provides our students with a curriculum which is challenging, creative, and makes connections across the breadth of subjects on offer, through its thematic, concept-based approach to learning.  Students at Sophia learn in a highly engaging and interactive way using digital technology powered by Google. 
Sophia is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and other third parties to share this commitment. At Sophia High School our International British School performs all UK regulatory Safer Recruitment in Education checks and rigorous pre-employment background checks on all its teachers. All teachers hold a valid Enhanced DBS check (Police Checks), and have attended a variety of safeguarding courses.

Meet our International British School Teachers at Sophia High

Early Years | Online School Year 1 | Online School Year 2

Online Primary School Teacher
Early Years & KeyStage 1

My name is Shazia Meer and I have been working as a Teacher in
various capacities for almost 15 years in both, Qatar and the U.K. I
Grew up in West Yorkshire, England and it is also here that I trained to
be a teacher. I have a teaching qualification in Early Childhood
Education, which means I am specialised in the teaching of 3-8 years
old children but have taught across the Primary range. During my
career, I have progressed and worked as an R.E coordinator, Music
Coordinator, Head of Year 5, Head of Pre-School, Head of Reception
as well as having been an Early Years Coordinator and Learning
Mentor. In England, I also worked as an Early Years Leader and helped
to found a Learning Club for children with Speech and Language
difficulties. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching a good movie
and spending time with my husband and 2 children. My all-time
favourite book is Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte.

Key Stage 2

Online Primary School Teacher
KS2 Teacher
History Specialist

Laura is an experienced, dynamic practitioner who has worked over six years in education, including Japan and the UK. She effuses energy and believes strongly that every child can achieve greatness.

With senior leadership experience in leading subjects including English, PSHE, History and Geography, Laura is excited to join the team at Sophia High School to inspire another generation of learners.

In 2013 Laura completed her first-class degree in Classics from the University of Warwick, gaining the dissertation prize for her work on invective Latin poetry. With her degree-level knowledge of Latin
and Ancient Greek, Laura went on to archaeological digs, and then a placement in the British Museum’s Numismatics department, before working as a tour guide at the Museum of London. There she realised her need to be more involved in the education system, and completed a PGCE in order to become classroom-based.

Laura has taught a range of year groups from year 1 to year 6. She has worked in Ofsted outstanding schools in low-income areas of London as a leader, helping to continually raise the bar for the children who need it most. One example of this is submitting her school as the only primary-based entry to a secondary school NASA-led competition – and placing runner up in the country. She has helped produced outstanding results through her relentless energy and motivation for the pupils and knows how much difference one inspiring teacher can make.

Laura believes strongly in intrinsic motivation and works hard to build an excellent pupil-teacher relationship. She takes a genuine interest in her pupils’ pastimes and enjoys seeing their light-bulb moments in class. From experience, Laura knows that mutual respect and passion for her subjects
make for life-long learners. Her drive for academic excellence is balanced with helping students develop into rounded, curious learners who have care for others and the world around them.

Andrea sophia high school teacher

Online Primary School Teacher
Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator

Andrea is an experienced, teacher who is passionate about oral and written literacy and raising the self esteem of her students. Andrea has a B.Ed Hons (2:1), a MEd (Special Educational Needs) and a MA (Applied Linguistics: Communication Disorders). She has worked in schools in both the UK and internationally.

For many years she has led teams to support students with additional learning needs; providing intervention programmes for individual students and also training for faculty. She has also initiated various parent chats and book clubs to provide support, information, and community for parents.

Andrea strongly believes in developing mental wellbeing and resilience. Self-esteem and the power of positive relationships are both fundamental to any learning endeavour. Students who feel safe and happy will take risks and our best learning comes from challenging ourselves with things we don’t yet know. She believes we must support our students to take those risks, persist, and grow at their own rate.

Andrea has traveled to many countries and has also lived in Australia, Bahrain, Lesotho, South Korea, the USA and Vietnam. She is a life-long learner and her travels have taught her so much, offering great opportunities to learn more about the world, whilst challenging her own resilience and flexibility.

Sophia High School Teacher Rose

Online Primary School Teacher
IMYC/IPC Subject Lead

KS3 Maths and Science Teacher

Rose joins Sophia High School as our primary science specialist teacher having been awarded with a PGCE from Oxford Brookes University.  Prior to her PGCE, Rose attended Oxford Brookes University, where she studied Psychology and received a First Class Honours degree. She was awarded the prestigious Michael Argyle Award for her final year dissertation, which led to it being published.

As a qualified primary teacher, Rose brings over 7 years of teaching experience from within both the Independent and state sectors have taught in both the UK and more recently Dubai.
Rose has experience of teaching from in the primary phase from EYFS and as a science specialist to KS3.   Additionally, she also is able to teach Psychology at GCSE and A Level.
Rose strongly believes that creating a caring and encouraging environment helps to foster independent pupils, who develop a natural love of learning and an ability to reach their aspirations and individual dreams. She has a devoted passion for making a positive impact on the learning experiences of her pupils, and believes that a happy pupil is one who is confident and willing to take risks in their learning. Rose is passionate about holistic learning, and strongly believes that education should be fun, enjoyable and encompass all areas of development.
helen sophia high school teacher

Online Primary School Teacher

Online High School UK

Helen is a highly qualified primary school teacher and senior leader with over 20 years’ experience across the primary phase. After qualifying from St Mary’s College (London) with a PGCE in Primary Education, she combined her passion for teaching and her interest in different cultures by teaching in multi-cultural schools in inner-city London, Malaysia and Spain. Having taught online during lockdown, she is looking forward to joining our online learning family.

As a life-long learner, Helen has continuously sought opportunities to develop herself professionally and has fulfilled many roles and responsibilities within different schools. Her greatest driving force is that teaching and learning is inclusive, enabling every student access to high quality education, in preparation for an ever-changing world and ensuring they achieve their personal best. Helen has specialised in best practice for supporting students who are new to English, have additional learning needs or are high achieving.

Helen has a holistic approach to education and strives to provide learning opportunities that are personalised to a child’s skills and well-being. In every setting, she establishes a learning environment where students are confident in taking risks with new learning. Helen instils a love of learning in her students by sharing her passion for learning with them. She relates learning to the world community to help students become active members of society.

In her spare time, Helen has volunteered for various organisations in South America and Asia. She has taught English to local families, supported a charity for young homeless and raised funds for food banks.

Online Secondary School UK | Online High School Teachers

sophia high school key stage 2 primary teacher Amy

Online Primary School Teacher:
English Subject Lead
KS3 English teacher

Amy is a highly experienced UK primary school teacher, with over five years of experience, having led English, Maths and P.E. at various points throughout her career. Amy completed her degree in English and Sports studies at the University of Winchester, before going on to do her PGCE in Brighton. 

Amy has taught from year 1 through to year 6, often teaching mixed classes in schools in the UK. She has also worked at her local County Council writing, reviewing and monitoring Education, Health and Care Plans for children with special educational needs, which has helped develop her understanding about various individual needs, their impact on a child’s  education and the tools and skills that are available to overcome challenges. She has also fulfilled the role as a Deputy DSL in her previous school, helping to monitor the wellbeing of children.

Amy believes passionately about a child-centred teaching approach and tailors her teaching to suit the needs of the individual. She is a fun and enthusiastic teacher and is always searching for new and creative ways to engage the children. She likes to give the children the confidence and independence to face challenges and have a love of learning.  She is incredibly excited to join us and to teach within our digital learning environment.

Jennifer Sophia High School Teacher

Assistant Head
KS2 Teacher

Jennifer is a highly qualified primary school teacher and assistant headteacher at Sophia High School with over eleven years of teaching experience. Her experience in the UK, Canada, and the USA has been in both private, independent and public schools. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Canada through the University of Calgary. She has also completed a Master’s degree (MEd) in education focusing on educational technology. She has experience teaching students aged 8-13 in physical classrooms and various online school environments. Jennifer has experience as a lead teacher and mentor teacher where she has led staff training and developed curriculum planning and teaching initiatives. She has taught a wide range of subjects including core subjects, as well as RE, Art and French. Jennifer continuously works on her own professional development and is a certified Google educator.

Jennifer’s teaching style can be described as student-focused. She places emphasis on delivering engaging and creative lessons, wherein students can cultivate their love of learning. Jennifer enjoys getting to know her students and what their interests are, in order to key into their driving motivations while learning. She also enjoys teaching them to the best of her ability, and building a positive rapport with each of her students and families. Her kindness, calm demeanour, and passion for education are characteristics which she tries to instil with her students. She focuses on student progress and, equally, enjoyment.

Holly Mckenna Sophia High School Teacher

Online Primary School Teacher
Maths and Science Subject Lead
KS3 Maths and Science teacher

Holly has been teaching for over 20 years and a senior leader for 10 years in both UK secondary schools and international schools in southern Spain. After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in Biological Sciences, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry before studying for a PGCE at the University of Durham. Holly has worked in various roles throughout her career to date including Head of Department, Head of Year, Assistant Principal, Head of Upper School (11-18) and Head of Data and Academic Assessment (EYFS-18) for an international school group. Additionally, Holly has worked closely with OFSTED in the UK and has been a NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) inspector for the last four years, as well as working as an examiner for GCSE exam boards and a mentor for trainee teachers. She has led both Primary and Secondary professional development, including sessions on differentiation, assessment, target setting, feedback, child protection, pace and challenge, student mentoring and PSHE/Global Citizenship.

Holly is passionate about a personalised approach to education and ensures students are in a positive and confident mindset to embrace learning. Her teaching is interactive, varied and relevant, placing great emphasis on contextualised themes, current affairs and Global Citizenship. She enjoys getting to know her students and their families and creates a classroom environment built on key values of respect, kindness and inclusivity, whilst developing resilient independent students. Her enthusiasm permeates throughout her teaching, leaving no stone unturned to support academic progress and personal development of young people.

carly sophia high primary teacher

Online Primary School Teacher
KS1-2 Teacher
PE Specialist

Carly’s love of teaching started in 2010 when she travelled to China to teach in language schools and international schools. A 4-month trip turned into 5 years because of the love she got from being able to teach and make a difference. After 5 years in China, she returned home to England and got her PGCE in primary education from Oxford Brookes University. Since then, she has taught in schools in London, Manchester and the Peak District, teaching all primary years. Carly spends her summer holidays volunteering and has travelled to India to help train teachers in deprived schools. She also hosts foreign exchange students and helps to teach English as a second language. Carly has also been a foster carer and has looked after children with complex emotional needs and tutored many children with special educational needs. Carly has been an online teacher since 2020. In that time she has been leader of English and also Physical Education. Carly is passionate about staying healthy and active and feels that an online education should not compromise physical activity. Carly believes online teaching can help all children regardless of any educational or health needs and can be accessed by children all around the world who may not have good quality education in their area. No child should be left behind. Her aim is to instill confidence and resilience into each child she teaches. When she is not teaching, you can find her either playing or watching football, up a wall rock climbing, hiking with my border collie and or at the theatre. Carly loves musicals and uses music a lot throughout her lessons.


Dominic Qualified PSHE teacher and Mindfulness & Wellbeing coach at Sophia High School - Teaching KS1-3

Qualified PSHE teacher and Mindfulness & Wellbeing coach
at Sophia High School

Dominic currently works in Dubai as a Mindfulness Trainer and a teacher. Dominic went to a prestigious school called Hampton and achieved 4As and a B in his A Levels. He then attended a Russell Group University (Nottingham), where he studied Psychology and Philosophy and received a 2:1. Dominic was also awarded a PGCE from Buckingham University (one of the top universities for studying education in the whole of the UK).

Dominic then became a teacher and taught in British Curriculum Schools for eight years in both the UK and Dubai, before moving into Mindfulness training and Tuition full time. Before leading Dubai, he was Head of PSHE at a top independent prep school and helped the teachers deliver the PSHE Jigsaw curriculum across the various age-ranges. In his role as a mindfulness coach, he has helped entire families overcome their family dynamics; he also has mentored many children to become more productive and caring, and he has held many corporate lectures on the need for mindfulness in this hectic world, across Dubai.  He has also delivered Mindfulness and Wellbeing courses to several schools across Dubai.

Dominic’s educational style is dynamic and pressure free. He likes children to inquire for themselves into the truth of things and to think independently. He feels that this is the most important aspect of intelligence, which is unfortunately under-appreciated in the modern education system. He is also extremely passionate about self-understanding and holistic learning, which embraces not only the intellect, but also the emotions and spirit. For Dominic, the most important aspects of teaching and learning are freedom and enjoyment.