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British Online Education for Overseas Students

Sophia High School Approach
Sophia High School Overseas Students

Sophia High School offers high-quality British education provision both in the UK and overseas.

Education Reimagined

Sophia High School is the first British Online School to offer expert online educational provision for children from as young as Year 1 (5+) through to Year 9 (14+).

We offer overseas parents the opportunity to access high quality British education for their children.  We are a global learning community, with over half of our students based in the UK, who are joined by a diverse number of students from all over the world.   

Global learning Community

We welcome students who are interested in studying a British homeschooling online curriculum, anywhere, any time.  We offer a flexible, forward thinking approach to Education.  Our international families can join our global learning community from the comfort of their home or take Sophia High School with them on their travels so that the education of your child fits into your lifestyle.

Our fully interactive online education programme, blends daily, live online lessons, taught by our team of qualified, experienced UK based teachers with an engaging independent home learning programme of activities and projects linked to the UK National Curriculum.  

British Online School

For families living or working abroad, expats, or international students searching for a high-quality British School overseas, homeschooling online with Sophia High School is the perfect solution.