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"Overall, we are really, really pleased! Mary has been absolutely amazing and I think my daughter will have huge withdrawal symptoms when she is no longer her teacher!

My son has blossomed so much - Laura is really fantastic and has really brought out so much in him - we are amazed at some of the work he produces now - from poems to other written work - the credit is due to Laura.

And Julien is also a brilliant teacher who really is so good for my other son, in terms of the way he teaches him by being funny but also challenging and creative - and that really appeals to him. So, with the three class teachers, we honestly couldn't be happier!

We are very pleased we found Sophia High - I wish the British curriculum also followed the IPC and IMYC - it's so much better and in fact, I had been looking for something like this for years as I think it gives the children a completely different dimension and understanding...thanks for all the hard work!"

Reshma - Mother of Year-2, Year-4 and Year-8 students

"All three of our children attend Sophia High. This is their first term at Sophia High. They have all settled in well, and are making great progress. It is clear that all the teachers are experts at teaching virtually. Our sons’ teachers are engaging, caring and committed. For this current phase in our children’s education Sophia High is the right choice for us."

Hana - Mother of Year-2, Year-8 and Year-9 Students

Covid has provided many challenges, one of the biggest of which has been providing a sound and quality education for our children. We found that the online provision from our children’s existing independent schools left a lot to be desired and the children were finding it difficult to be engaged and as a consequence were falling behind at an alarming rate. Sophia High has come to the rescue by providing an innovative and dedicated approach to their education.  We feel that the care and the attention to the children’s individual growth is paramount and as a consequence the children have adjusted much more seamlessly to the professional online school that is provided by Sophia High. 

I would highly recommend Sophia High, not just in these uncertain times, but also in a wider context whereby we can define and control our children’s education from the comfort of our home.

Andrew - Father of Year-5 and Year-6 students

"Sophia High School appeared at the right time in our lives. We have relocated to Portugal and Sophia has been a life saver. This very well organised online school has allowed us to keep Victoria’s education to the high standards we have always provided her. Her skills in managing digital tools have improved tremendously; while she has gained in self-confidence and independence, through the continuous and positive reinforcement her teacher (Ms. Jennifer) gives her on a daily basis. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our daughter to Sophia High School."

Danixa - Mother of Year-7 student

"Our daughter started her school life here in the UK about 3 years ago, having studied in 2 different private schools. However, in both occasions, the education framework proposed was very similar: a levelled, standardised and well-delimited teaching framework applied to dozens of children.  Although those schools were great in terms of their tradition, reputation and physical infrastructure, we were not 100% satisfied.

We always thought a school with a tailored approach capable of focusing on the key challenges whilst stretching the areas of high performance or greater aptitude would be ideal for our little one, and this is exactly what we have found in Sophia and its teachers.

Being an online school, they would face challenges like keeping children attention and truly engaging with them, however the fantastic body of education professionals which are able not only to handle the class very well but also identify areas of focus or additional development make this journey seamless.

At Sophia we feel that every child is treated fairly and according to their areas of aptitude, and not just like another student. Ultimately, it’s great to hear from our daughter that she loves the school environment and that she wants to study at Sophia High for a long time. "

Hugo - Father of Sophia High Student
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