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Pioneering Primary Online School at Sophia High School

Meet Sophia High School – Pioneers of a Digitally Delivered Online Primary School Education

With more choices than ever for the growing market of families seeking online schooling for their children, Sophia High School is the only full time British Online School offering online primary school provision for students in Key Stage 1. (Age 5 to 7 year olds)

Effectively teaching children within a digitally delivered online learning environment requires the ability to keep children engaged, motivated, focused and enjoying learning whilst ensuring that online lessons are individualised, interactive and build the confidence of these young learners so they achieve and make progress. This requires experienced teachers, an inspirational curriculum, creativity and a passion for the delivery of learning through a digital medium.

Led by a senior team who share over 50 years of educational leadership experience as Headteachers in British Independent and overseas International schools, our team are passionate educators who share our belief that the future of education lies in a digitally delivered primary education.

At Sophia High, our digitally delivered, online primary school programme works in part due to our commitment to deliver high level of individualised care to each Sophia High School student and educator through regular individual progress check-ins, led by our team of Master Teachers.

Our team constantly craft adaptive learning pathways for our students so that the right level of challenge and support is provided to every student based on their unique stage of learning. All of our teachers hold postgraduate degrees in education with UK qualified teacher status and over over 5 years of teaching experience within the British Curriculum.

With very small classes, where each timetabled live interactive lesson has a maximum of only 6 kids per class, children at Sophia High School, receive much more attention than in a traditional school.

We have adopted the highest standards of the British Curriculum and deliver them into live online school experiences that nurture, encourage, and inspire the growth of our students.

Our digital online learning ecosystem, not only fosters our students’ emotional, sustainable and intercultural intelligence from a young age but helps us to design learning experiences to adapt to their changing growth needs; this is of particular importance for our exceptional provision of online school for year 1 and online school for year 2.

Our comprehensive UK online curriculum follows the International Primary and International Middle Years curriculum, alongside core UK curriculum areas of English, Maths, Science and French, and develops fundamental personal goals, character and mindfulness in all students.

We are passionate about the happiness and mental health of our students and continually develop our socio-emotional curriculum, so that equal importance is placed on student growth as to their academic achievements. Learning at Sophia High School is not confinded to a physical learning space or classroom.

We educate children where life and learning take them. Kids shouldn’t go to school: school should come to them. This global learning community, brings students together from around the world so that Education at Sophia High School is digital, borderless and made to fit the lives of global families.

This is Education Reimagined.

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