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At Sophia High School, we like to stay in touch with our learning community and look back on our students’ and teachers’ great work through our newsletter. Have a look at our school newsletter below to keep up-to-date with the latest School News.

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IPC Vanishing Rainforests
OCTOBER 7TH, 2021 | School News

Inspiring Global Citizens at Sophia High School

Dear Parents and Friends,

At Sophia High, we inspire our children to be Global Citizens. To grow from learners to leaders and to be the change makers that the world needs for a brighter future for everyone.

All schools, online or traditional, have aims and aspirations for children; Sophia High is no different. But what defines us is our ability to bring these aspirations to life, to create purposeful and meaningful contexts for our children to actively engage in the development of these personal goals and skills for life and to be our voices for change.

Our prospective parents don’t have to take our word for it, they can experience our aims and aspirations coming to life through the words and work of our children as they engage with our innovative and inspirational curriculum. 

Sophia High School Student Work T Rex
JUNE 22ND, 2021 | School News

Summer at Sophia High School: Inspiring Young Leaders

Dear Parents and Friends,

We are delighted to share with you our summer term update and are immensely proud of our students and their achievements so far this term.

As families who have previously expressed interest in Sophia High and Online Schooling, we hope this update provides you with an opportunity to see inside our global learning community and to experience what learning is like for our amazing students.  

Choosing the right learning environment for your children is such an important decision for all parents.  At Sophia we greatly value the trust that our parents put in us.    […]

March Newsletter Spring at Sophia High School
MARCH 26TH, 2021 | School News

Spring at Sophia High School: Going Beyond the Curriculum

Dear Parents and Friends,

The ten weeks of the Easter term have flown by, as our school continues to grow. Sophia High currently has very much of an international feel to it. We have now welcomed students from the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Portugal. It is lovely to see our global learning community grow.

We have packed a lot of extra activities into the term as we introduced our ‘Beyond the Curriculum ‘ programme, including a one-off Science week with Ms. Rose and Ms. Roshan, as well as a Performance Arts week with West-End star Ms. Maria, and Computer Science week with Mr. Jack.  […]

Newsletter February at Sophia High School Education Reimagined
FEBRUARY 17TH, 2021 | School News

February at Sophia High School: Education Reimagined

Dear parents and friends,

A warm welcome to you all, as we begin to look forward to the second half of the academic year. It is amazing how quickly time flies by!

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents and students for choosing our online school. It was a big step; however, I hope that you have been delighted with our service. Looking back at all the emails of contented and happy parents we have received, I believe that you have made the right choice. More importantly, all the children are happy and progressing in their studies well. […]

Newsletter January Lockdown 3 Sophia High School
JANUARY 18TH, 2021 | School News

Lockdown 3.0 - January at Sophia High

Dear parents and friends,

A warm welcome to you all, as we get set to begin our second week of the Spring Term at Sophia High School.

With the unprecedented year that was 2020 now behind us, and the promise of new beginnings and new opportunities shaping 2021, our global learning community continues to go from strength to strength – as we expand and welcome new staff, students and families to our primary and secondary phases, and continue to develop our inspiring curriculum and opportunities for all our students. […]

December Newsletter Sophia High School
DECEMBER 16TH, 2021 | School News

December 2020 Newsletter - Sophia High

Dear parents/guardians,

As the end of the term draws to a close and the holidays will soon be upon us, we write to you with great pride at how our Sophia High community has embraced the changes and opportunities that 2020 has brought us all as we continue to thrive during these unprecedented times.

We are so proud of all that our students have achieved this term and wanted to highlight some of our happiest and proudest moments since launching our online school in September. […]