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School Uniform Policy

At Sophia High, we believe that maintaining a professional appearance is an important part of developing the mindset for success.  As a global learning community, we encourage students to celebrate their individuality and heritage through clothing choices while embodying a professional dress code. Our guidelines aim to maintain a focused online learning environment where students feel comfortable and ready to learn.

While uniforms are not required, we have guidelines to promote dressing appropriately and minimising distractions.  Wearing Pyjamas to lessons at Sophia HIgh School is not acceptable as this does not foster a professional work ethic.  

Though in a virtual setting, attire impacts how students approach learning.  

‘Students feel part of something bigger when representing Sophia High.’

Melissa McBride, Founder
Our virtual uniform policy aims to:
  • Foster a focused learning environment online
  • Allow students to be their authentic selves through clothing
  • Instil a mindset that professional appearance matters
  • Prepare students for future workplaces and leadership roles
  • Maintain a respectful online space for active learning
  • Ensure students dress comfortably for participating in lessons
  • Avoid potential safeguarding issues related to attire

Appropriate Attire Includes:

  • Tops: t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts
  • Bottoms: pants, jeans, shorts, dresses/skirts
  • Clothing aligning with a student’s gender identity

Inappropriate Attire:

  • Tank tops, halter tops, swimsuits
  • Wearing pyjamas to lessons 
  • Excessively short bottoms resulting in exposure
  • Clothing with offensive imagery, profanity, slurs
  • Headwear obstructing the face (except for religious reasons)

Embodying our flexible uniform guidelines helps maintain student engagement and morale.

Having a consistent uniform policy  also creates a sense of community and collective purpose.   Teachers will proactively address any dress code violations through respectful coaching conversations with students and families. Our goal is empowering students to meet expectations while allowing self-expression.

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