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March Newsletter Cover

Dear Parents and Friends,
The ten weeks of the Easter term have flown by, as our school continues to grow.
Sophia High currently has very much of an international feel to it. We have now welcomed students from the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Portugal. It is lovely to have these students join our British students, as we grow our global learning community; there is so much we can learn from each other’s cultures.

British Science Week 2021 Blog Cover

One of the biggest highlights this term was British Science Week, during which our students got to experiment with lava lamps, toothpaste, inflating balloons and much more!  Below are some examples of our young scientists’ great work: Moving Liquid Art The Year 1 scientists experimented with moving liquid art. They added food colouring to a …

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Blog Cover Wellbeing Back to School

The impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health has been described as ‘a crisis on top of a crisis’, with children’s mental health referrals expected to surge when schools return on Monday 8th March. It is with this in mind, that parents need to start getting to grips with their children’s feelings and anxieties.

OVID 19 has persuaded parents that homeschooling is better

The COVID-19 era has ushered in remarkable changes and brought challenges and opportunities to almost every sector.

Education is no exception. One of the most interesting changes has been the views of parents held towards home-schooling.


As reported recently in the ITV and BBC news, there is a growing concern in the education industry about how unregulated tutoring/teaching is in the United Kingdom, both with tutoring agencies and online schools. In recent weeks, with the rise of private tuition accelerating during a third lockdown and school closure in the U.K., this hugely important issue regarding a lack of regulation in the sector has been raised again.


What is the future of exams in the UK after the pandemic that has engulfed the entire world? For two years running now, the GCSEs and A Levels have been cancelled, and it has been up to the students’ teachers to come up with a grade. However, this has led to an inflation of grades – as most teachers will often overmark their students.

February Newsletter Sophia High School

  • 17/02/2021|

Dear parents and friends, A warm welcome to you all, as we begin to look forward to the second half of the academic year.  It is amazing how quickly time flies by!   Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents and students for choosing our online school.  It was a big step; however, …

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Blog Cover Image British Science Week

British Science Week is taking place from Monday 8th to Friday 12th March this year. It will be the chance for our Sophia High students to put on their lab coats and become curious scientists!
Our students will be taking part in a wide range of activities from Moving Liquid Art, to Chromatography Flowers, to making A Microscopic Model of Blood.

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