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British Science Week at Sophia High School

British Science Week: Beyond the Curriculum with Sophia High

British Science Week is taking place from Monday 8th to Friday 12th March this year. It will be the chance for our Sophia High students to put on their lab coats and become curious scientists!
Our students will be taking part in a wide range of activities from Moving Liquid Art, to Chromatography Flowers, to making A Microscopic Model of Blood.

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Creativity at Sophia High Durham University

Creativity at Sophia High School

The world appears to be changing faster than ever. However, the current knowledge-based education system only goes so far in giving young people the vital skills, resilience and confidence to shape their lives. The role of creativity in and out of the classroom is getting increasingly more recognised, as one of the key benefactors to help children succeed in the future. Indeed, Sir Ken Robinson once stated that: “Creativity is as important as literacy.”

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How is online schooling different from traditional schools

Traditional vs Online School

One of the most frequent questions that our education team is asked by parents considering Sophia High School and online education for their children, is what are the differences between traditional brick-and-mortar schools and online schools? Followed closely by; is online schooling right for my child?

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