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Student Support

Sophia High School Approach

Every child develops and learns at a different rate: some children find learning easy, some find it challenging and some may need more support. Our students have a wealth of experiences, some positive and some less so, and these all impact upon their learning attitudes and responses.

At Sophia, we work with small class sizes and use technology to support all our learners, and when learners join us we follow the PAWS Framework.


PAWS Framework

Working in partnership with our families, and students, is important to us. We have frequent, regular, parent meetings as well as additional meetings as necessary. If families, students, or staff are concerned about progress then we work collaboratively to explore possible issues and barriers. It is possible that they may have Additional Learning Needs, (ALN), personal and emotional issues, or factors within their environment which are affecting them. These issues may be short or long term, but we work to provide scaffolding around our learners for as long as needed and to help them succeed with their own next steps.

We are proud to welcome refugee families, and other children who may be travelling due to family reasons. This means our students may have a higher degree of flexibility and unpredictability around their everyday lives. In addition, they may also be English Language Learners (ELL). These are contexts which may impact their access to the curriculum, but which also offer opportunities for personal growth and learner skills.

Andrea sophia high school teacher

Learning Support Specialist

I am a UK qualified teacher, with Master’s degrees in both SEN and Communication Disorders. I have over twenty years of International experience running support departments and teams whilst tailoring provision to meet individual needs. I believe self-esteem, and resilience, are fundamental. Students who feel safe and happy will be more successful learners. I’ve lived and worked in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, South Korea, USA and Vietnam. I’m a life-long learner and working internationally and digitally has taught me so much, and offered me great opportunities to learn more about the world, and myself.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Linden Global Learning Support, a group of international experts dedicated to providing educational and therapeutic support to students and schools anywhere in the world. Their team is composed of diverse, highly skilled professionals trained in social, emotional, and academic well-being. Recommended by Council of International Schools.

liden global learning support sophia high school partner

International Education Support

As an international educational support agency, Linden understands that while remote and global education offer incredible opportunities for learning and growth, they can also carry unique challenges.

Working with Linden Global Learning & Support

Working with Linden gives our students and families access to a state of the art, comprehensive, international student support network who will work closely with us to help students meet any learning or emotional challenges that come their way. The Linden specialists include:

Daily Live Online Lessons

Marked Daily Work with Feedback

Teacher Feedback & Support

Beyond the Curriculum Program

Google for Education Digital Platform

Small Class Size (6:1 in Core Subjects)

Experienced Educators online home school

Parents or students interested in working with a Linden specialist can enroll directly on their website or get in touch to find out how they can support your students’ learning and well-being.