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“Qualified UK based teacher”

Mary Crowley joins our teaching team as one of our highly experienced Senior Teachers with an exceptional track record of success.

Mary has a first-class honours Masters degree in Education, a BA Degree in History and Geography, two teaching qualifications (a Higher Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Religious Studies) and a Higher diploma in Education Administration. She has over thirty years of teaching experience at primary level, secondary level and higher education level. Mary teaches English, Mathematics and Humanities including History, Geography and RS.

Mary’s teaching is based on a personalised approach to education through careful consideration of the unique educational needs of the individual children in her class. Her approach is kind, reassuring, thorough and determined. She strives for excellence and each session is tailor made to each individual situation.

Mary is experienced working with students across the age ranges from Primary Key Stage 1 through to GCSE and A Level (English and History). She has been working with Sophia as part of our core team of teachers delivering our online education programme and is excited to be part of Sophia High School. Mary takes responsibility for driving English and Maths standards across the school.

Mary’s hobbies and interests include (but are not limited to) reading, golf, current affairs, nature, ultimate frisbee, dogs, cooking & entertaining, theatre & film, walking and, of course, family and friends. Mary also speaks fluent Irish.

“Qualified UK based teacher”

Holly graduated with a PGCE in Primary Education and is an experienced teacher from Reception to Year 6, including work she does to support 11+ students. Holly began her journey into education in 2013 when she began an early childhood education and psychology degree. Whilst completing her undergraduate degree she worked in a Montessori Pre School.

In 2016 she began working at a private preschool and was the lead teacher to the children who were five-years old. In this role Holly was focusing heavily on the teaching of phonics. She qualified in Read Write including; this is a phonics system that teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension.

In 2017 she travelled to America and taught English at UCLA university to EAL students who were aged 6-18 years old. It was also in this year that Holly began her PGCE, where she qualified as outstanding in all areas. Since then she has worked in two very different schools within London.

One school was in North London with very academic, high achieving students who gained entry to selective senior schools. Her current role is at a school in South London where she is working with children who are very disadvantaged. Both schools have given Holly fantastic opportunities to grow and develop her own pedagogy. Holly believes that the best approach to tuition is to try to engage with the children and to find out what really motivates them to learn. Using this throughout her lessons is the best way to keep the children motivated in their learning.

Holly enjoys going to the gym and she is a regular at spin classes. With her boyfriend, she has recently started ballroom dancing lessons. She also enjoys being back in the country at home, walking through the forests and visiting the beaches

Holly joined Sophia in 2019 and has been one of our lead online teachers for students across EYFS – KS2. She is highly recommended by the clients and students for whom she teaches and is delighted to be joining Sophia High School to lead our Year 1 class.

“Qualified UK based teacher”

Julien is an experienced primary teacher who completed a Primary PGCE with a specialism in Mathematics. After six years of experience in education, teaching in both the state and private sectors, Julien is delighted to be joining Sophia High School as our primary Maths specialist teacher with class teacher responsibilities throughout the phase. Julien will also offer French to our primary students, having studied French and German at University College London for his undergraduate degree.

During his career in education, Julien has worked with many children from different backgrounds, and of different abilities between the ages of five and eleven. He places huge importance on understanding the goals of every individual and developing the necessary steps for working to achieve these goals.

Julien is very approachable and is excellent at building a positive rapport with his students. This translates into a relaxed, but focused approach in his teaching. He believes in and embody a holistic teaching approach in the classroom focusing on the social, emotional and academic development of a child and is passionate about encouraging his students to be critical thinkers as well as resilient and independent learners.

“Qualified UK based teacher”

Laura joins the Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Team at Sophia High as a fully qualified experienced primary teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Education from Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in ‘History of Art and Visual Culture’ from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Laura has over 7 years teaching experience (5 years in England) both in public and private independent schools. She is extremely passionate about education and children, and she believes that developing and fostering a general love of learning (and its process) ignites a lifelong spark for the desire to better oneself. Laura always aims to instill this in her students.

As an experienced teacher, Laura has had the pleasure of teaching children from a variety of backgrounds and levels of need. She has worked with children on the ASD spectrum in varying degrees, gifted and talented children, and also children with cognitive and social/emotional needs. As a result, Laura places strong emphasis on creating an open, safe environment for students of all abilities, to not only excel and succeed, but also to be a part of the process.

Laura strives to set a high standard of success for her students and help them to do the same. She does together with her students by focusing on resilience, developing problem-solving skills, strengthening confidence, and most importantly, building independence in their own success.

Laura has taught in many places around the world including Canada, Italy and England and it has awarded her with a fantastic breadth of experiences and knowledge (not to mention a love of travel). When Laura is not teaching, she makes every effort to get away and explore new places. Laura is also a portrait artist and an amateur photographer and brings these passions to her contribution to our SophiaX programme of co-curricular virtual courses. Laura loves to be outdoors and when she can, takes part biking or hiking in the countryside.

“Qualified UK based teacher”

Jack joins Sophia as our Science Specialist Teacher for students from Year 5 – Year 9.

He graduated from Imperial College with a Master’s degree in Experimental Neuroscience and also holds a degree in Robotics. As a secondary trained teacher, he has over seven years of teaching experience in London Independent Schools following the achievement of earning his PGCE from the Institute of Education UCL. Jack has been a highly regarded teacher in our Virtual School and SophiaX Course programme offering; Astronomy, Coding and Web Design as his areas of interest.

Prior to joining Sophia High School, Jack taught in the Senior Science Department of a top Independent Senior School in central London, Eaton Square Senior School, Mayfair offering Science and Computer Science. He also has extensive experience supporting A Level students achieve their examination targets while working at a private Sixth Form college and am highly skilled at the delivery of live online virtual lessons. These lessons have included Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Computer Science to short courses on Python Coding, Astronomy and Maths Olympiad.

Jack is a patient teacher who has worked with children of varying abilities with the objective of giving them the confidence to apply themselves to subjects which they may have found difficult in the past. He has a friendly, understanding disposition which puts the student at ease and helps to make their lessons something to look forward to rather than a chore.

Outside of teaching, Jack enjoys hiking in the country on the weekends and as a Scientist, is fascinated by anything to do with outer space. He also enjoys the more creative and athletic sides of his hobbies as he likes to draw and is also a keen runner.

“Qualified UK based teacher”

Kate joins our Senior Teaching Team as our Specialist Science Teacher. Kate’s teaching career has enabled her to teach the subject that she is most passionate about to students across the age ranges and to teach and work with students across the globe. She is delighted to be joining Sophia High School.

Kate holds a first degree in biomedical science (2.1) and she completed the medical school graduate entry program at SGHMS University of London, before pursuing a PGCE to formalise her teaching skills. As a lifelong learner herself, Kate has also taken up an MSc at the University of Surrey in nutritional medicine, following from an online course she took in disease prevention and nutritional medicine with UCSF. After a teaching science at two UK state schools, Kate moved to the Independent Sector where she spent a year teaching science at Hampton Court House, before being invited to teach biology at Chelsea Independent College – where she was appointed as Head of Biology. Throughout her post-secondary education and career in education, Kate has worked as a private tutor, building her clientele via word of mouth referrals. Her tuition experience has taken her overseas in recent years to support international students in Zurich, Antibes, Athens and most recently Monaco. Kate has successfully supported student entry into St Pauls Scholarship, Eton Scholarship, Wycombe Abbey, Westminster, The Emanuel School, and Dulwich alongside a wide variety of other top independent and grammar schools.

As a tutor Kate strives to tailor her knowledge and input to each individual student based on their needs. She feels strongly that an optimistic, ‘you can do it’ approach – alongside eliminating a student’s fear of particular topics by broaching them at the get-go and instilling good exam technique are all essential. Kate really enjoys the journey that culminates in success when teaching one-to-one and the freedom it allows her to teach in a way that is unlimited in its scope. This is not possible when teaching classes in a school. Kate is also highly experienced at helping students looking to study medicine or those professions allied to medicine through GCSE/IGCSE preparation in all three Sciences and biology at A’level.

Kate’s hobbies include music and reading great literature.