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Weekly Subject Time Allocation

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Weekly Subject Time Allocation During Live Online Sophia High Lessons

At Sophia High School, we offer a blended learning programme during which our students follow live interactive classes led by fully-qualified and experienced teachers. This hybrid learning model ensures that our students receive a balance of digital learning time and independent home learning opportunities.

The IPC and IMYC curriculums, at both the primary and secondary level, provide a clear process of learning which help to develop creative, engaged and active learners. This also ensures breadth in curriculum coverage, meeting wider subject objectives from science, geography, history, art, design, technology, music, sustainable and international-mindedness.

IPC PrimarySubjectNumber of lessons% Curriculum Time
Key Stage 1English531
Year 1-2Maths425
 Science (extra)16.5
Key Stage 2English531
Year 3-6Maths425
 Science (extra)16.5
IMYC Senior SchoolSubjectNumber of lessons% Curriculum Time
Key Stage 3English533
Year 7-9Maths427

* The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) are built on the foundations of the UK National Curriculum objectives in regards to the knowledge, skills and understanding that children should learn in Science, History, Geography, Computers, Technology, Music, Art, PE, Society and International Studies.

These subjects are built into different thematic units of work, where they work independently yet interdependently with each other so that the students can talk about their learning through multiple perspectives. 

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