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Unschooling Why Online Schooling is not pandemic remote learning

Unschooling: Why Online Schooling is not pandemic remote learning

Over recent years, more and more parents are ‘unschooling’ their children and are turning to online schools for the best education at primary / elementary and secondary / high school levels.  Increasingly, even traditional schools are turning to online platforms as a way of keeping everyone connected.  

Hybrid schooling models, where bricks and mortar environments adopt additional provision for cohorts of children who join the class virtually from home, are increasing around the world as schools look for new ways to recruit and retain students.

But what makes an online school different to pandemic remote learning or hybrid education?  Which one is right for your child and why is ‘unschooling’ on the rise? In this post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each option, so you can make an informed decision about the future of your child’s education when opting to ‘unschool’ your child.

Whether you’re living abroad, experiencing challenges with mainstream schooling, or you simply want your child to be prepared for their future and to reap the benefits of a modern education, online school can be a fantastic choice when considering ‘unschooling’ your child.  

Online schooling has become popular choices for parents looking for an alternative to remote learning and the online education sector continues to experience a surge of growth.  Parents choosing to unschool and withdraw children from traditional school settings, now have more choses than ever before when opting into new models of education, which are being driven by advancements in digital education.  Unschooling no longer means parents have to be the drivers of home based curriculums or need to feel like they are putting their child’s education and future at risk by opting out of traditional learning environments.  

As the name suggests, online schooling aims at teaching students completely online, as schools are designed for full time online education. In these online school settings, the complete academics of the student is executed via online education with no in person involvement.   The teachers conduct live classes via online applications like Google Meet and the students are also provided with online curriculum resources and learning material.  

Whilst most schools in the world have adopted their practice to enable emergency remote learning to take place, a true online school is vastly different to the emergency remote learning many experienced when their classrooms were brought online.

While remote learning during the pandemic was set up to provide temporary, emergency access to education, online schools are created to give students the best possible learning experience wherever they are. If chosen correctly, so called ‘unschooling’ parents can opt for a model of learning for their child that was designed for online education and delivers an education ready for the future and learning, living, working and thriving in the 21st Century.

The “online schooling” many have received during the pandemic is nothing like life at a purpose-designed online school. In fact, these virtual schools have been a high-quality, flexible, personalised alternative to traditional schooling since long before lockdowns began.

Established at the height of the pandemic in August 2020, Sophia High School is pioneering best practice in online education and providing students from across the globe with an exceptional British education, online.

Offering the British Curriculum from Reception to Year 9, in over 22+ countries, to students from ages 4 to 14, Sophia High School is designed for digital teaching and learning.

But what is it that makes schools like Sophia High School so different to the remote learning many traditional schools have been offering?

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways we bring our students the best possible online learning experience.

Unschooling | An Online school fit for learning in the digital age

Traditional schooling is impossible to shift to a virtual space. Students, Parents, Teachers and Leaders struggled under the weight of this enormous task during lockdown periods and the mental health and well-being and progress of children suffered.

Teaching methods and learning activities that work wonderfully in person, for example, often fall flat online. On top of this, some schools lack the training, digital resources, and infrastructure to deliver high quality online learning.

Sophia High School has been designed, organically, from the ground up, with the vision of an exceptional online learning experience for students in mind.

Innovative Digital Technology | Inspirational UK Teachers

From our partnership with leading online education platform, Google for Education, to the appointment of our experienced U.K. teachers who are qualified and share a passion for digital teaching and learning.

Unschooling | Globally Recognised British Curriculum

In our delivery of the International Primary Years (IPC) and International Middle Years Programmes (IMYC), students are assured of the highest standards in British education through the U.K. National Curriculum and delivery of a curriculum that promotes Global Citizenship, Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness. At Sophia High School, our students travel the globe in just one school day, without leaving their home.

Daily Live Interactive Online Lessons

Our daily live lessons promote personalisation and engagement for each student, as our interactive lessons have no more than six learners engaging with peers and their teachers in our online learning environment. This ensures every student gets support and guidance to meet their goals and learning needs.

Extra Curricular Programme, Clubs and Online Holiday Camps

At Sophia High School we bring our online school to life through our innovative extra curriculum programme. Through SophiaX Camps which explore passions and develop talents, to workshops, special guests and specialist teaching in Computer Science, Coding, Performing Arts, Music and so much more, we open the door to students to see what is possible outside of the curriculum.

From a leadership team with over 60+ years of experience at top British Schools.

Our Senior Leadership Team share over 60+ years of educational leadership and teaching experience at some of the leading U.K. Independent and British International Schools Overseas. Together, we have crafted and developed a model of online learning that our students love, but families can be assured, delivers the highest standards of British School Education.

We are a CIS Member School | Online School Accreditation

Families don’t just have to take our word for it. Our Online School is proud to be a Member School with the esteemed Council of International Schools, one of only two online schools globally to do so.

Join us at Sophia High School

Whether your family is struggling with remote learning during the pandemic or you simply want your child to reap all the benefits of online schooling, we’d love to welcome you to our global learning community.

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