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sophia high cofounder

Melissa McBride

Co-founder CEO
Sophia Technologies
sophia high director of education online home school

David McCarthy

Director of Education
Sophia High School
sophia high assistant headteacher online home school

Jennifer Callaway

Assistant Headteacher
Digital Education

Whether you are already part of the Sophia High family, considering online education for your child, or simply want to be part of an important conversation about the future of education, we warmly invite you to join our EdTalk Virtual Series.

Join a global learning community, be part of the conversation and help to shape the future of education.

Registration is free.  Simply select your preferred event by clicking a date on the calendar to register.  You will be emailed a confirmation and Google Meet Link invitation to this event.

If you are interested in being a future speaker, please do reach out to our team at

We look forward to reimagining education with you.

David & Melissa

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