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Measuring What Matters

2022 - 2023 Standardised Assessments

At Sophia High, we partner with respected authorities like GL Assessments to integrate robust benchmarking into our programs as a measurement of our Academic Excellence. GL Assessments are the leading Standardised Assessment provider for the UK National Curriculum. Standardised testing provides objective data on student gains over time and grades levels. This enables us to validate quality, inform instruction, and ensure students thrive as we support them in reaching their potential.

Progress in English
Progress in Maths
Progress in Science

% of students working at or above UK National Average

Academic Excellence: Why Data Matters

At Sophia High School we pride ourselves on the data driven approach to the measurement of our Academic Excellence as we improve student outcomes through better assessment of student learning.

Our data driven approach 

  • Gives visibility into individual student growth in core subjects like English, math, science
  • Allows performance comparison nationally and globally
  • Helps teachers set expectations aligned to broader standards
  • Identifes student strengths and areas for personalised improvement
  • Tracks progress towards goals like GCSE and university readiness
  • Builds credibility through trusted external evaluations
  • Reduces anxiety in young people through a holistic approach to baseline, attainment tracking and progress

The Sophia Difference

Our outstanding teachers give individual attention, instilling a strong work ethic that brings richly deserved exceptional results.  We believe that all students are capable of extraordinary achievements and our drive for academic excellence is a measure of the value add that our online education provides for all of our students at Sophia High School.  

Our partnership with assessment leader GL enables us to access the same trusted metrics used by top British and international schools worldwide. So you can trust us when we say we provide a high quality online education for our students. 

We go beyond chasing scores alone. Assessments are one input to holistically personalised learning. Our focus is unlocking human potential and developing confident, empowered learners equipped to excel in life.

Discover why Sophia High represents the future of education. 


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