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British Schools Online: Igniting Education for the Next Generation

At Sophia High, the future of learning has arrived—a flexible digital model that holistically nurtures the next generation of global citizens. By fusing academic excellence with innovation, we ignite the next wave of education to embrace what students need to lead in the 21st century.  As one of the leading British Schools online to celebrate the Sustainable Development Goals as the bedrock of our curriculum, we drive change in our model of online delivery and help to foster the development of the leaders of tomorrow. 

At the heart of our DNA is our commitment to developing Global Citizenship amongst our stakeholders and our promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals across all parts of our global classroom model.

As a B Corp certified school, our commitment to equity, sustainability, and community guides our organization. We strive to make premier education inclusive and accessible.

By making personalized British education accessible online, we empower learners anywhere to advance at their own pace. Immersive virtual technologies expand our global classroom beyond boundaries.

Student-driven instruction ignites young minds. Small groups, mentoring, diverse peer connections and activities help each student gain a global perspective and find their voice to impact society.


We nurture creativity, curiosity, and confidence – preparing students to understand complex challenges and innovate collaborative solutions using technology.

We place huge emphasis on the role we play in developing children as responsible global citizens as we connect with each other on a global scale. Through our focus on personal goals, mental wellbeing, mindfulness and the UN Global Goals as important parts of our curriculum, we aim to empower young minds to think creatively, develop independence, problem solve, be leaders and to make connections with the world around them.

These are the qualities future employers are looking for, and it will hold them in good stead, not just when seeking employment, but as decent and honest human beings.

Digital citizenship is delivered purposefully each school day and our groundbreaking, virtual  reality immersive learning program provides experiential learning experiences for our students not possible in the real world. 

As part of our digital and virtual program we develop confidence, resilience, creativity and an entrepreneurial mind set in our students.   Our VS3 Simulation Studio provides real opportunities for students to develop ventures and initiate the skills needed to go from Zero to Start-Up.

Together, these tools transform how our educators and students learn, work and innovate at Sophia High School.

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