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Our Purpose

Sophia High School Approach

Our Purpose

At Sophia High School, we are passionate about creating a leading online learning environment through a unique blend of traditional values and innovative approaches to education.  We offer the best in British Private Education, within a flexible homeschool online education setting.

Our school focuses on providing an exceptional online education, offering the UK National Curriculum for England, for students from age 5 – 14. We are the only UK based online school which offers full time online learning for students from as young as Year 1 – Year 9.

Sophia High School Overseas Students
British Online School

We are the first online school to partner with Fieldwork Education to offer both the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculums. Our interactive online lessons are delivered in real-time, in small groups of no more than 6 students, for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Our partnership with Google enables us to utilise the leading Google for Education Suite of tools, including: Google Classroom, JamBoard, Google Meet for Education, and many more. These tools transform how our educators and students learn, work and innovate at Sophia High School.

Sophia High School K12 Online School Curriculum

What makes our Leading Online School different:

Daily online lessons covering the full U.K. National Curriculum.

Pioneering British Online Education program from FS2 to Year 9.

6:1 student-teacher ratio in core subjects of English and Maths.

Working with the UK DFE & Council of International Schools towards accreditation.

New Early Years program for children from age 4+.

At Sophia High School, we are building a global community of learners within a safe, secure and happy online learning environment, where our students are inspired, challenged and supported in all they do.

Through our blended learning programme, we inspire our students to be :

Sophia High School Leaders


Sophia High School Independents


Sophia High School Mindful


Sophia High School Global Citizen

Global Citizens

Sophia High School Digital Native

Digital Natives

At Sophia High, we aim to empower young minds to think creatively, develop independence, problem solve and to make connections with the world around them. Modelled on the richness of the best international approach to education, our school unlocks potential, nurtures talent and realises dreams, so that students exceed expectations.

Student achievement will be limitless, and they will leave us with the confidence and capability that will equip them for every facet of adult life, as a global citizen.  Students will be aware of their responsibilities as the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow, as they develop critical 21st Century life skills, such as: communication, collaboration, digital intellect, empathy and sustainable literacy.

Sophia High School Leadership Team

What We Value

High Quality Learning

Through the use of the renowned International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)

our approach sophia high school high quality learning

Individual Attention

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes and the emphasis we place on strong relationships with parents and students enable us to deliver a personalised approach to learning for every child.

Track Progress

Using differentiated learning tasks powered by our online learning environment and weekly parent meetings, our approach enables us to track the progress of each student and ensure they reach their aspirational learning targets.

Educational Leadership

Our qualified, experienced team are experts in teaching children across the key stages from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 and we are the only UK online education provider to offer exceptional online KS1 provision from children from age 5 – 8 (Year 1 – 3).

The Leadership Team at Sophia High School are Educational Leaders in the field with over 50 years of experience in the UK and abroad.


The safety and welfare of our students, especially when learning in an online environment, is paramount to all we do.

We uphold the highest standards of Safer Recruitment in Education for the appointment of each member of staff and provide teachers with annual safeguarding training and support in working with students online.

our approach sophia high school educational leadership

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