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Student Testimonials & Examples of Student Work

Celebrating hard work and success

Fridge Work Certificate

Each week we come together as a learning community during our whole school celebration assembly.  Students are awarded with our Fridge Work Certificates as we celebrate their hard work and successes from the week.

fridge work certificates sophia high school

What Our Students Say About Us

D - Year 7

“I love that I get to meet different people every day”

D - Year 5

“I like that I have a very kind teacher and she’s also very good at doing art so she helps us with lots of things and she helps us to do our writing and she’s very kind”

M - Year 4

“I like my teacher because she does nice things to us and yesterday she let us paint”

D - Year 1

“My teacher helps us with our maths”

Z - Year 2

“I like that everyone is kind to one another and I like that our teachers make everything so fun for us”

I - Year 8

“I have a very nice teacher and I have very nice classmates”

A - Year 5

“I really like how Miss Laura always makes us create with the painting and also she reads this really good books called the Creakers”

A - Year 2

“Mr Julien is my second favourite behind Mario”

S - Year 3

“I’ve enjoyed everything”

The best advocates for our inspirational curriculum is our student's themselves and the wonderful work that they have produced, which we are extremely proud of. Below are some sample of our students' work:

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