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Meet Sophia High School

Anytime. Anywhere.

Our digital classrooms provide a transformative learning experience combining real-time instruction, collaborative projects, and AI-driven personalisation.    By blending personalised digital academics, collaborative immersion, and human relationships, our model removes traditional barriers so all students can thrive.     

Live Interactive Lessons

Students join scheduled online lessons daily in our virtual classrooms using Google for Education. Teachers deliver engaging sessions and facilitate discussions using video, audio, chat, digital whiteboards, and shared activities. Students ask questions, work in groups, present ideas – just like an in-person seminar. Recorded sessions are available to rewatch.  Classroom Resources and Digital Workbooks are available 24-7 in our Google Classrooms.

Immersive Collaborative Projects

In addition to lessons, students team up remotely on immersive simulations modeling real-world projects like launching startups. By completing authentic challenges together in 3D environments, they construct knowledge and gain future skills.

Ongoing Teacher Interaction

Teachers provide continuous 1:1 feedback, assessment, and mentoring. Through chat, video meetings, and discussion boards, they cultivate personal connections essential for growth and confidence.  Families have the opportunity to meet teachers 1:1 each week for support and feedback.

AI-Powered Personalisation

Our Athena learning platform supports teachers to tailor instruction to each student using data analytics. Lessons adapt based on individual progress and needs. Learners have agency over pathways while getting nudged and supported.  Athena AI even shows up in our Immersive digital campus to provide assistance to students in 3D

A Global School Community

From online clubs, Junior Duke Awards, to community service initiatives to social media, we foster connectedness. Shared experiences and cohorts bonding over academics cultivate a united, inclusive culture.

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Our digital classrooms enable group learning through methods like breakout rooms, group chats, collaborative document editing, and team-based project learning. Students bond over group assignments and discussions. Community is also built through clubs, events, meetups, and social media groups. Though remote, our students develop meaningful friendships and connections.

Sophia High Schools score above national averages on standardized tests like GL Assessment CAT4, Progress in English, Maths and Science.   Our alumni leverage the time management, resilience, confidence, and personal ownership skills built through online learning to excel in their next stage of learning. Self-driven learning produces responsible, mature graduates.   Our Students have gone on to some of the best British Schools around the globe including Brighton College, Repton, Queen Margarets York as well as high performing US High Schools in New York, Florida and Washington. 

Lessons feature interactive elements like polls, quizzes, chat, whiteboards, and breakout rooms to drive active participation. Short lesson chunks and varied activities cater to different attention spans. Immersive simulations modeled on real-world projects promote engagement. Teachers monitor participation and reach out if they see a student disengaging.

We provide academic tutoring, study skills coaching, time management assistance, school counseling, and learning specialists to support students. Teachers offer consistent 1:1 feedback and mentoring. Customisable AI tutors provide extra academic help. Support services ensure no student slips through the cracks.

We offer rolling admissions throughout the academic year provided there are spaces remaining in our cohorts.  Prospective families are invited to visit our Admissions Page for full details on our admissions process and for further details on School Fees. 

This is the best thing I have ever done in school!

Y7 Student

Luca - Y7 Student

I would like to say a big thank you because I can see how much progress my daughter has made with you. It is so beautiful and special for me to see how much love she has for her school and her teachers.

S.Y. – Parent of Y4 Student


You have given me my son back. Thank you so much for all you do.

MrsE. – Parent of Y7 Student


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