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Homeschooling with Sophia High

At Sophia High, we understand why many parents choose to homeschool – the flexibility, customization, and family-centered approach resonates with families seeking alternatives to traditional schooling. Yet homeschooling alone can also have challenges, from access to rich curriculum and activities to teacher workload and social dynamics. This is why a hybrid model combining the best of homeschooling with online school is such a powerful educational choice.

Homeschool UK - Customize Your Own Paths

Sophia High allows families to handpick from a full slate of courses, electives, clubs, and experiences to create a personalized program for your child’s needs. Learn at your own pace and schedule while still receiving structured guidance.

Whether you enroll full-time or take individual courses á la carte, we provide the curriculum while you handle the supplemental learning. Feel free to incorporate outside activities or other homeschool resources.

Connect with a global community

The virtual classroom means your child can collaborate with talented peers from around the world right from home. Share ideas, find motivation, and make friends without the need to meet in person.

Join interactive online clubs, participate in events and competitions, and meet up with classmates – all opportunities for socialization and friendship in a global community.

Meet the UK Elective Home Education Standards

Under UK education law, homeschool UK families must provide an efficient and suitable full-time education at an appropriate level. Our OFSTED-accredited curriculum and dedicated certified teachers ensure your child receives a quality education that meets UK standards.  You can read more about the UK DfE Online Education Accreditation Scheme by visiting

Let our teacher team take care of lesson plans, teaching, grading, and academic oversight so you can focus on homeschooling’s rewards. 


The Sophia Difference when choosing a Homeschool UK

Our outstanding teachers give individual attention, instilling a strong work ethic that brings richly deserved exceptional results.

Our partnership with assessment leader GL enables us to access the same trusted metrics used by top British and international schools worldwide. So you can trust us when we say we provide a high quality online education for our students. 

We go beyond chasing scores alone. Assessments are one input to holistically personalised learning. Our focus is unlocking human potential and developing confident, empowered learners equipped to excel in life.

To learn more about enrolling with Sophia High as a homeschooler, contact our admissions team today. Together, we can design an optimal program uniquely tailored for your child and family needs.

Find out more about our Admissions Process and How to Apply to Sophia High School



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