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Frequently Asked Questions

Sophia High School Approach

Do you have questions about how our online school works? Read our Online School FAQ below:

How are the students assessed on entry?

All students take part in an online baseline admissions assessment (reading and mathematics) and trial an online live session with one of our team of teachers.  These sessions are designed to provide parents and students with a taster of our online lessons and while non-selective, are designed to inform our team of the individual starting points for each student.   These results are discussed with families and teachers so that all of our students get the personalised focus they require to make excellent progress.Children are also assessed throughout the year to ensure progress in learning is being made.

What is the structure of the day?

Our students generally take part in three live online interactive lessons each day with their teachers who are fully vetted and highly qualified. These live lessons are scheduled from about 8.50 am – 12:50 U.K. time Monday to Friday. After lunch, students work independently on their homework and on their projects. You can sample some of the timetables here.

What online lessons are taught?

At Sophia High School we cover English and Maths lessons (we follow the British national curriculum). At Key stage 1-2, we also follow the International Primary Curriculum.  this is theme based – and covers many of the other subjects such as science, history, geography, ICT, art, music, technology etc).  French is also taught once a week. At Key stage 3, we also follow the International Middle Years Curriculum.  this is theme based – and covers many of the other subjects such as science, history, geography, ICT, art, music, technology etc). On top of this we have two extra science lessons a week. French is also taught once a week.

What are the fees?

Click here to find out more about our fees.

Which platform do you use to deliver your lessons?

Sophia High School uses Google Classroom to deliver all its live online lessons.  This has been developed by Google and its aims are to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. It is estimated between 40 to 100 million users use Google Classroom.

Google Classroom integrates Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and Calendar into a cohesive platform to manage student and teacher communication. Students are invited to join a class through a private code. Teachers create, distribute and mark assignments all within the Google ecosystem. Each class creates a separate folder in the respective user’s Drive, where the student can submit work to be graded by a teacher. Assignments and due dates are added to Google calendar, each assignment can belong to a category (or topic). Teachers monitor the progress for each student by reviewing revision history of a document, and after being graded, teachers can return work along with comments.

Is it possible to balance Sophia High School with a full time job?

Independent learning is something we develop and support, and we believe that education should be a result of the successful collaboration between our school and the parents. Sophia High School offers blended learning, which means that children follow their classes online in the morning and are free in the afternoon to complete homework and projects.

However, the younger children are, the more help they might need from their parents or caretakers. This includes help to get set up and ready for online lessons, especially during the first days and then in the afternoons to ensure children are on task and completing work to the best of their ability.

Do you offer after school/holiday activities to keep my children entertained?

We often run clubs during the holiday. From phonics and book clubs to Harry Potter and David Walliams; from Minecraft and Lego to Scratch Coding and Creating YouTube videos; from Debating and foreign Languages, to Astronomy and Young Economics. SophiaX feeds your kid’s curiosity and elevates their learning with a variety of real time online classes that are both fun and educational.

Is Sophia High School accredited?

Currently, no British online school is accredited by the U.K. Department for Education or British Government.   However, in June 2020 the Government published their consultation response to the ‘Online Education Accredited Scheme’.

This recognised the growing market of online education services for children in England, many of whom offer a full curriculum and may represent a child’s main or only source of formal education.

As this type of provision is currently unregulated, the Department for Education is preparing an accreditation scheme to reassure children, parents and local authorities of the quality of education and safeguarding arrangements in using such services.  Sophia High School has been chosen as one of the schools that the government is looking to accredit, when they launch the scheme in the near future.  While Online Schooling is currently outside the remit of the Department for Education’s approved inspectorate for independent schools, The Independent Schools Inspectorate, (ISI), Sophia High School complies with ISI guidelines.