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Safeguarding and the growing concern of the unregulated tutoring and online school industry

As reported recently in the ITV and BBC news, there is a growing concern in the education industry about how unregulated tutoring/teaching is in the United Kingdom, both with tutoring agencies and online schools. In recent weeks, with the rise of private tuition accelerating during a third lockdown and school closure in the U.K., this hugely important issue regarding a lack of regulation in the sector has been raised again.


What is the future of exams after the pandemic?

What is the future of exams in the UK after the pandemic that has engulfed the entire world? For two years running now, the GCSEs and A Levels have been cancelled, and it has been up to the students’ teachers to come up with a grade. However, this has led to an inflation of grades – as most teachers will often overmark their students.

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British Science Week: Beyond the Curriculum with Sophia High

British Science Week is taking place from Monday 8th to Friday 12th March this year. It will be the chance for our Sophia High students to put on their lab coats and become curious scientists!
Our students will be taking part in a wide range of activities from Moving Liquid Art, to Chromatography Flowers, to making A Microscopic Model of Blood.

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Guidance: What is Working in Remote Education

Following the announcement of a return to remote learning for schools across England during what continues to be an unprecedented time in education, The Department for Education and Ofsted have recently released a short guide on ‘What’s working well in Remote Education.’ This guide recognises the heroic efforts of leaders, teachers, staff and indeed parents …

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Creativity at Sophia High

Creativity at Sophia High School

The world appears to be changing faster than ever. However, the current knowledge-based education system only goes so far in giving young people the vital skills, resilience and confidence to shape their lives. The role of creativity in and out of the classroom is getting increasingly more recognised, as one of the key benefactors to help children succeed in the future. Indeed, Sir Ken Robinson once stated that: “Creativity is as important as literacy.”

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